What are your favorite Asian dramas?

Kdrama: Six Flying Dragon, Thief: Rebel Who Stole the People, Gunman of Joseon, The Great Doctor, Warrior Baek Dong Soo. CDramas: Ever Night, Princess Agents.Legend of Chusen (part 2 was garbarge) Chinese Paladin, An Oriental Odyssey, Fights Breaks Sphere, The Legend, Martial Universe. I like Wuxia and martial art dramas. Im dying to see Shaolin Wendao, just cant find it with english subs.Based upon my list I am open to suggestions

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Have you heard about the new drama ‘The untamed’ It is amazing! Judging by the shows you have listed! It is a new drama that is still airing! It has 14 episodes so far, but it will have 50 in the end.
The Untamed

I was lucky enough to watch the whole part 1 drama (but didn’t know it had a second part). I just hope they soon have it here since is really good drama I already made a request hope others follow and please do fill this out: THANKS!


Idk if I would put this drama on my favorite list, but I really got hooked on the Arthdal Chronicles and hope that the continuation is as good as the last couple of episodes that aired.

Also watching Perfume and it’s gold. Really like that one :slight_smile:

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Oh, you are so on the dot with Arthal Chronicles is getting so good I can’t wait for Saturday and
Sunday to come so I can watch it. I’m upto episode 12 and the 12th episode is by far one of the most epic in the drama.

PERFUME:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I’m addicted to this drama because it makes me laugh so much and I need that in my life. As a matter of fact,everyone here at viki NEEDS to watch this drama so they can laugh to their hearts content. Some scenes are beyond funny they are hysterically funny.

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Arthdal part 3 won’t be aired till September.
Episode 12 is the last one for now :calendar: :sob:

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OH MY GOODNESS! I didn’t know that… so much waiting is going to kill me…:frowning:

I just checked and episode 12th was the last one for now but I don’t see anything about waiting until september for season 2. How could they be so cruel?image

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Well technically it’s season 3 (I prefer to call it part 3 instead of season 3, since it is still part of season 1).

I don’t know if the hiatus was done on purpose, but their staff went on strike for having to work hellish workweeks (150 hours or so?) a while ago, so during that time they couldn’t film some of the episodes.

I’m sure you can find the articles :slight_smile:


Where you read that? Should I Google it? I only read articles from Soompi but never saw anything about this in there. Except that shocking Divorce SJK just went through, that ironically I knew it wouldn’t last bc she don’t stay long with the guys. She’s so pretty but must be hard to handle. I mean, it could be his fault too but …who knows.

I hope they resolve the problem and we get to see the other episodes sooner.

It’s mentioned in a lot of articles about the srama and if you Google it, you will find it easily.

About their divorce, I have no comment, except that I find it unfair that people are jumping to conclusions so easily, trying to make someone the villain. It’s their private matter.

Back on topic: can’t believe I forgot to mentiok Queen Seondeok! I don’t have many favs, but that drama goes on my list :smile:

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I’m gonna check out Queen Seondeok now, it was restricted before but now is not. Go figure that one out. Lately, one day the drama are restricted and a week later is not.

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Legend of the Phoenix.

too many to pick & choose.

  1. healer 2 kill it 3 firey priest 4 ghost detective 5skech 6 tetrus behind me 6 rookie detective(?) 7 roof top prince 8 the queens man 9 the great doctor 10 dr jin 11goblin 12 waterbride12 black 13 vampire prosecuter 1&2 14 10 1&2 15 tunnel 16 scarlet heart 17 are you human too 18 marriage contract 19 scent of a woman 20 kill me heal me 21 scholar that walks at night 22 entertainer( wish I could see this again)23 jekle hyde & me 24gu family book

and so many more!!

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