What are your favorite Korean names?

My favorite Korean names are Tae Hwa, Yong Ha, Min Hyuk, Soo Hyuk and Hae Jin. I like the way these names flow and sound.

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It’s hard to say, since my opinion about names is always kinda coloured by the people carrying those names.


Oddly enough my fave name in korean is Ha Ji Won and Lee Min Jung bc I have been able to memorize them, and they are so very easy to pronounce. The icing in the cake? They are both my fave Korean actress. Their name match them, too ( I know their name could be different from their birth name). I don’t know how that works out but some actor/actress even have 3 different names! When I read articles about them they write the 3 names they are called.


I agree that sometimes, people’s personalities give a tinge to their name, whether that tinge be a positive connotation or a negative one. The names I chose have positive connotations for me haha!

The names I chose are either characters from dramas or actors :smiley: The only one who isn’t my favorite actor is Hae Jin. He’s a great actor, but I chose his name just because it sounds so pretty to me.

I wonder how they choose their stage names. Lee Soo Hyuk’s name isn’t his real name, it’s actually Hyuk Soo…I know they have to change their stage name sometimes to avoid confusion with other actors/actresses. In fact, I get Kim So Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun mixed up all the time :sweat::weary:


I think they pick the Korean name based on what it means in Dream High Suzy Bae sings a song that says that the child’s name means Winter child bc it was born in the winter. In the Korean dramas they always mention the meaning of the names but I keep forgetting to write it down in my notes.

They have a Chinese company on NTFX called WANDA (my name) I don’t know if it’s bc they have my name, but I love most of their chinese dramas and movies lol


Actually, I should start writing them down as well. That’s a good idea.

:rofl: :rofl:

I bought a pair of stretchy skinny jeans because the style was called Helena, and they are the only jeans I wear after my surgery. I knew I made a good choice to buy that pair of jeans hehe

I once googled my name in Mandarin (Ma Hai Lun 马海伦) and I discovered a Hong Kong actress. I’m genuinely interested in watching her movies.



Actually, Wanda is also a common name here in The Netherlands, but I just read that it originated in Poland and probably is derived from the tribal name of the Wends.


Btw, the name Min is a bit funny for me, since it’s the Dutch word for “minus”. Shouldn’t parents rather call their child “Plus”? :rofl:

And the Korean word for Thailand, 태국 (taegug), sounds a bit like “theekoek”, which is Dutch for “tea cake” … :thinking:


I’ve been keeping track of Korean names used for characters in K-drama. In the beginning because I sometimes didn’t know if a name was for a boy or a girl and also because all names seemed alike to me. This is the top five I’ve discovered so far:

Boy’s name
정우 (Jung-woo)
대길 (Dae-gil)
승훈 (Seung-hoon)
현수 (Hyun-soo)
현우 (Hyun-woo)

Girl’s name
은수 (Eun-soo)
수지 (Soo-ji)
장미 (Jang-mi)
미숙 (Mi-sook)
미영 (Mi-young)


Some names are unisex. For example 수봉 (SuBong) is used for both boys and girls.

And here’s a whole list of Korean unisex names: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Korean_unisex_given_names