What are your Opinions on Only Side by Side with you?

Just Curious What everyone thinks about Only Side by Side with you, and if it’s worth giving a try :slight_smile:

It’s a great show…if you love uneeded AND FREQUENT “flashbacks”. the stoy is good but by the 10 epiisode i was so sick of them stoping the story progression for yet another memory flashback. sometime they would use the same flashback multiple times in the same episode or flashback to a scene they just showed 10 minute earlier. they could easily cut this show to 30 to 35 episodes by just geting rid of all the useless “memory montages”. i assume the director must have gotten paid by the episode count and tried to save money by reusing the same footage over and over…and over again. i won’t need to rewatch the series because they already showed me the show a second time within the first run. seriously, why so many flashbacks? it took me right out of the story every time. great story,good acting,talented cast, horriblle director.


Flashbacks definitely should be used in moderation (Very Little) Lol :smile:
Thanks :slight_smile:

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The worst part is that they are doing this lately with all dramas Chinese, Japanese, Korean and is a pain in the buttocks bc if you try to skip the thing starts buffering or brings you back to beginning of the drama.

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I do agree about those flashbacks, sometimes really a pain as for this story, it was ok at the beginning but past that middle one, well you could have written something better than that. is all I am going to say. loved the actors & acresees, but gosh, the writers could have done a bit better I think.

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