What are your thoughts about this korean drama "Scholar Who Walks The Night", i started to watch.?

Scholar Who Walks The Night

if anyone who did not see it must see. the link is given below. others may also share their experience if it is good or not.

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i have seen two episodes and its looking somewhat good to me. what are your thinking about it? :pizza:

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Scholar who walks the night

I seen all episodes, some parts may be slow, and there’s one part you must really pay attention because you will lose the meaning of the whys, this was a very good show. just watch it for yourself.

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@marygrether1_gmail_c . Thank you very much for mentioning it. Yes, you are right about it. Ok i will keep it in my mind when see this drama episode further. …:heart:

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Tell me how it ends up.

It’s on my to watchlist, but I don’t want to risk spending my study time on a slow drama :frowning:


Many attempts to kill Gwi Failed. In the end, the scholar Kim sung yeol find the secret document to kill the villain vampire Gwi but the twist is that the scholar has to suck the blood out of his lover bookseller girl jo yang sun (in case, she can also die during the process or change into vampire) to become strong which is quite difficult option to choose for him. On the other hand, crown prince sets the trap of explosive in the Gwi hideout to get rid of both of them. The scholar refuses to drink the blood of the girl but the fate cannot be changed. Circumstances leads the scholar to drink the blood and Gwi becomes helpless before him. Explosives explode during their fight and Gwi is burnt completely by sunlight exposure in the result of rooftop falling. Both Scholar and girl remain alive.

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your average angel, like I said it will be slow in some spots, BUT you will not be disappointed in watching this,. and Gwi is still something else, thats another part you have to watch closely, thats one of the whys. and as for giving the ending, oh no! it will mess up the surprise ending!! so come on you can do it! watch this with the anticipation of a great surprise at the end. you really won’t be disappointed. and if i am wrong you can hit me tyen times with a wet noodle!! hehehehe:grinning:

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you are right about it but i think @youraverageangel is also busy with her studies. I wrote end episode synopsis because i think she needs to focus on her grades right now. After reading it, she will get calmn and will get the idea about the drama and maybe want to see it desperately episode by episode later . She should watch this drama series as you explained marygrether1_gmail_c in her free time if possible for her. you are not wrong marygrether1_gmail_c. No need to hit by wet noodles!!!:relaxed:


hehehehehehehe thank you!!!

hahahahahahahaha Welcome!!!

I just wanted to know if it good, not the entire plot :joy: My eyes didn’t allow me to read past the first few sentences.

(I have a hard time watching dramas I know the endings to. Someone recently spoiled 49 Days for me, so now I’ll have to wait a few years before watching it)

@marygrether1_gmail_c The wet noodle comment made my day

Hi! I hope i did not spoil it. In the message you ask me about how it ends not if it is good and you want to save your study time. i thought it will interest you more to see complete drama after interesting ending excite you to follow that drama episode by episode. So, i just give you very short story. there is also more about it which i did not mention about end. Also the action part. Not wait for your 49 days. Just see it. You will feel good about it.

“Just close your eyes and take deep breath and imagine in your mind i did not completely read about the end of this drama, there is more to it and i should definitely see it”.

I apologize if i understand your message wrongly…:innocent:

have you completely seen the series now.:cry:

I will staty watching again , the drama is a good one, wish it could have ended better, and I don’t really know but seemned like there were some loose threads there. some of the story does come out a bit boring, but is anyone will just stay to the end they won’t be disappointed. nope I am not disappointed per the ending.

One thing I shall say is : SECOND LEAD SYNDROME GAAAAH

yep second lead, and it looks like there are quite A few dramas going that way

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I got distracted by exams, Oh My Geum Bi and Celebrity Bromance so I haven’t even started. I’m a mess lol


I loved it… It has vampires, hot men with long hair and great acting… Arang and the Magistrate is good too and also has Lee Join Ki as the lead actor and also Shin Min Ah and Yoo Seung Ho (small role),

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I loves this show.

Gwi’s protrayal is confusing and very sympathetic.
When he says she is most like him, I think he means she is lonely, unloved/alone (because of hee father) like him.
He says the only reason he kept her around was because she looked like the Night Scholars dead lover and he xould use that against him. However firstly she was a small child when she was first given to him so he could not have known she would end up being an exact copy hence she was kept alive for more than that.

He seems to have treated Gisaeng girl well-aka not kill her and paid her for fixing her business because she wanted to be with him-dudes lonely, is appreciative of the bring treated swmi human, compared to the shrills and screams of fright from his other prey. He also doesn’t turn her when she asks, instead telling her about its downfalls, which makes me thunk he hates being a vampire and the constant thirst for blood.

Going back to the Queen, she is stunningand I think he genuinely wants her annd is not just trying to provoke her and others when he asks her if she would prefer to be his woman, rather than the kings, or when he asks if he could have her on the first night of the wedding. I also think that is the main reason he decided to go to the banquet before he found out it was a trap, to see her, ruin the wedding a bit because he was jealous. I also think that part of the reason he became King was because she wanted to be Queen, not the whole reason but part of it. He despite her failures in his tasks kept his promise to her and made her Queen and kept her Queen. When she died, he was genuinely sad and it showed in his actions both with her corpse and with the bloody scene in the throne room. When he said “I wanted you to hate me for hundreds, thousands of years” showed he never expected her to love him back, I think in the conversation where he asked her of she resented him the whole time also showed that he thought there was more between them and was slightly surprised she didnt care as much for him. I would have liked to see more of their interactions because when he said “who will give me snide smiles and call me pitiful” seems like there was a lot more leeway he gave her than what was shown in the throne room. I also would like to know more about his past lover and child. He says he killed her but I am honestly not sure that he did, and when he talks about the child he said he tried to find the child but couldn’t- yet he knew who the descendants were to drain them? I think he let the child live/didn’t really look but doesnt see the descendants as his really. Even playin the king and rescuing the child from his vampires with the queen by his side seems to be playing out a fantasy,where he is loved and adored. Can you imagine being hidden in that nasty place with only the blood thirst to occupy time. He is bored of it- he offers to make the Night Scholar his successor 120 years ago and again he says come back on a 100 years and if I am bored you can have the throne. Which makes me think it is less about the throne and more something else. Each time I think its for a companion. First him-one that kept his mind unlike the vampires he created, then rhe Queen. I think he was teying to win her over and once she was his and the Crown Prince was dead he would have left. He seemed to have contemplated it when she suggested it except she touched a nerve about his feelings and he knew it was just to save the Crown Prince. Dude was complicated to say the leasr. Great character. Actor behind him stole the show.

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