What are your thoughts on the ending of Vagabond?


So I’ve just finished watching Vagabond and need to fill the void haha. The ending was well done with the flashback but it also doesn’t satisfy my need for closure.

I’m intrigued to see how you all would have wrapped the season up, or if you were to have another season, what your expectations would be…

Some things might be intriguing to discuss:

  • Would Edward Park be toppled from his almighty throne of power?
  • Would Cha Dal-gun & Go Hae-Ri be reunited, or would they have changed too much to reconcile?
  • What is the fate of the NIS?
  • Anything else you fancy :slight_smile:

I think the ending was open because the producers hoped to get investors to pay for a second season, just as they did with the Arthdale Chronicles (spelling?).


:smile::smile::smile::smile: :rofl: You are funny and its a truth too.

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I finished watching it yesterday and I had no idea that the finale would be open, I looked for news of a second season and I didn’t find anything.
so sad.
As I’m new to K-dramas I thought all or most were closed in one season, but I really hope this one has a sequel. The series surprised me with good action and political plots as I had only seen romance in K-dramas before.

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Neither did I :joy: I was frantically watching the timer on the last episode like :open_mouth: how are they going to wrap things up and then the flashback from the start of the show came and I was like :neutral_face: dying inside! I’m really hoping a season two eventually appears…

What other k-dramas have you seen?

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The other one I watch with an open ending was the same thing, it started with an “end” scene and there was a scene or two later and then so far no second season.

The others I saw were Heirs, Kingdom, (has two seasons so far) Mad for Each Other that made me want to see others, then I met VIKI asked for some indications and watched Sweet Home and Vagabond. Now I’m in the second episode of It’s Okay to not be ok.

And you?

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I loved VAGABOND for several reasons; I love SUZY BAE and LEE SEUNG GI acting together, after years of waiting for Family GU Book second part, I felt Vagabond was the continuation/ reincarnation of GU FAMILY BOOK (if you haven’t watched that one go and check it out). Well, is another title now lol

Getting back to Vagabond; the second part was interrupted by the pandemic bc they wanted to film in Portugal and Morocco since it made the drama more realistic, but once travelling was completely stopped, they had no choice but to ‘‘can’’ the plans. I also read that ML/FL might not be the same for Vagabond 2, and if that’s the case, I won’t bother to watch bc it was obviously left as a cliffhanger that they would reunite and finish their love story that we never had closure to see at the end of VAGABOND.

VAGABOND was an awesome story plot, and it had an amazing cast of characters. I just hope that it can have the same ML/FL bc without them, Vagabond won’t be really… VAGABOND. I’m re-watching all of a sudden I miss them so much acting together that this will do.


Oooh what’s the name of the other open ending one you watched?

It’s Okay to not be Okay was my first k-drama that I watched! Let me know your thoughts once you finish it. It took me a few episodes before I got hooked not going to lie. What’s your first impressions of the main characters?

As of now I’ve seen: Vincenzo, The K2, Descendants of the Sun, Lovestruck in the City, Man to Man, Healer and Vagabond. I kind of run out of things on Netflix which caught my eye, so now moving onto here and damn is there a lot of choice!


adds to list I honestly am getting spoilt with so many good suggestions on here :sweat_smile: what wonderful motivation to qualify quicker so I can have so much more free time :laughing:

I didn’t realise the filming was affected so badly by the pandemic :frowning: I’m curious as to what the original script had planned…was there an alternative ending possibly…with more closure…

I struggle to see a season two without the same ML/FL. They still have their missions to carry out and succeed. Well here’s to both of us wishing for a miracle!

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Only a miracle :pray::pray::pray::pray: will bring us Vagabond 2 bc in the article I read, both ML-FL are not ready to travel to film part 2, and I don’t blame them: not every country has the vaccine available. It will be like playing Russian Roulette. :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:

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That’s totally understandable. Perhaps, far down in the future, when things have settled, and the cast are more secure about their wellbeing, it’s something that can be explored.

What show did you watch after Vagabond to recover?

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The series with the final scene is sweet home (I noticed there’s an actress in sweet home who’s in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. She is the nurse friend of Moon), it was @angelight313_168 who indicated Sweet Home in a post that I asked for some indications.

On “It’s Okay to not be Okay”, I’m liking the characters in general but among the mains, I prefer Ko Mun-yeong because I’m not into expressionless characters. I mean he smiles once in a while with his brother but normally he’s just expressionless. But that’s the only thing I don’t like, like I said I like all the characters for now.

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I have seen so many bc I saw Vagabond a long while ago. Sweet Home (about the mutated monsters) that one was awesome, and the ending was not bad at all. [Sisyphus] with Park Shin Hye; futuristic and I loved it from beginning to end. Mad About Each Other recently (romantic comedy). I also saw [RAYA] and [MOULAN] [LUCAS].[TANGLED] Disney Channel.

I saw [It’s OK Not to Be Okay] I laughed so much with this drama [TERIUS BEHIND ME] [VINCENZO] [Naked Director] Japanese so funny but rated X [START UP} [GLITCH] scary!! [ABYSS] [The King Eternal Monarch][.[All 3 KINGDOM] dramas waiting for fourth one coming soon on JULY 27 [MEMORIES OF ALHAMBRA] 10+ [BLACK HOLE] here art RViki [RECORD OF YOUTH] 7+[CARNIVAL ROW] 2019 season 1

Movies oldies
[THE TOMORROW WAR] 2021 10+[MY SPY] [EAGLE EYE] [GEISHA] 2005 [THE EIGHT HOUR] [PIPELINE] [SEOBOK] with Park Bo Gum GREAT MOVIE! 10+[ALIVE] PSH [BIRD BOX] OH gosh I was so scare with this one I slept with the lights on
many more…can’t remember the titles.