What Cdramas can you show me for a newbe

I have watched a lot of the Chinese dramas, and they are “out of this world” awesome! to be able to watch history unflod before me is my what I like stuff.I came across this site today. I do like history, love to learn about the Asian part. Maybe we do need to know more about each other. anyway, the culture fascinates me, I don’t know the dynasties so I am not going to try right now. the foods, the clothing and I would love to see more! I am a genealogist ( family researcher) at heart, I guess thats why I love history so much. the where, when, how, why stuff. I recently finished Rhyo, love of the heart. the actors and actresses were fantastic I think! I am sure the writers had a part too. I would love to see more. and I will.
Mystery, scifi etc.

I think Nirvana in Fire is one of the best ones. I also liked Scarlet Heart and Journey of Flower. Scarlet Heart is the only one that is based somewhat on historical events. I also enjoyed Female Prime Minister.
If you would like to watch Republican dramas then The Disguiser, Rookie Agent Rouge, and The Mystic Nine are good ones. The first two are more history based, the last one is more about fantasy. I hope this helps.

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I watched Nirvana in fire, loved it! Scarlet heart too. the rest I will search and watch, thanks for the tip!

Yes, I loved The Disguiser too! I personally also liked Singing All Along, but other people thought it was iffy. Another one that I loved is the Battle of Changsha, although it’s only a fanchannel here on Viki :\

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I almost skipped right over this great drama because the name was off-putting for me…glad I read a few comments about it…it’s dark, but such a deep psychological story…I highly recommend SINGING ALL ALONG!..it was one of my earlier choices as a relative newbie to CDramaland…and I STILL don’t get the connection of the title to the series…Hmmmm.

As for mystery and scifi, I think it is harder to find dramas due to regulations by SARFT.
General cdramas that I have enjoyed.

Boss and Me
My Sunshine
Autumn’s Concerto (more melodrama and it is a tdrama)
Ode to Joy (first season only)
Dr. Qin Medical Examiner (more mystery since it is a crime show)
Candle in the Tomb (it has some mystery, set like 30 years ago)

Ancient (includes historical and xianxias)
Cuo Dian Yuan Yang
Go Princess Go (dont take it seriously, it is mainly for comedy)
The Eternal Love (similar to the above in that it is more of a comedy)
Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (xianxia)
Female Prime Minister/ Legend of LuZhen (my first historical cdrama, which got me into the genre)
The Journey of Flower (xianxia)
Novoland: Castle in the Sky (xianxia?)

Republican era
Too Late to Say I love You
The Mystic Nine (some mystery/scifi)

A lot of it depends on your taste. I think when it comes to historical cdrmas Nirvana and Scarlet Heart are the best and they are miles ahead of the competition. Trying to find another high quality cdrama like those is just really hard. I am currently enjoying Nirvana 2.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Try Sparrow, Its Really Good, and If you would like some modern dramas try Surgeons, My Amazing Boyfriend or I cannot hug you.
Princess weiyoung is an amazing Historical Drama so you should try it.


Princess Weiyoung

My Amazing Boyfriend

I cannot Hug you