What device are you using for segmenting?

Hi everyone!

I’ve been segmenting on my old HP laptop which has been working great… until yesterday when it finally gave up on life.

I’d bought a HP Chromebook back in April thinking I’d be able to use it when my laptop died because I thought it’d be like using the Google Chrome web browser. But the segment timer doesn’t seem to work correctly on it. When I play the audio and then pause it, sometimes the waveform doesn’t move at all and other times it jumps ahead. I tried segmenting the beginning of a part on my Chromebook and it was an exercise in total frustration. I ended up switching over to my laptop and redoing all the segments that I’d attempted on my Chromebook.

I’ve reached out to Viki a couple of times to try to see if I really can’t segment on a Chromebook or if it might just be a setting that I’m overlooking somewhere but haven’t heard anything back.

I’m curious about what devices other people use for segmenting. (I think I might have to buy some sort of a cheap laptop if I want to continue my segmenting hobby because my new Chromebook sure isn’t working.)

So… what device are you using these days for segmenting?

Thanks everyone!

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I strongly think it has to do with the Viki updates, pushing users to the app.
Recent updates by chrome, and google are also affecting users.
As for the settings, do a thorough check, see if the updates automatically turned on, or off any settings you had set.

To use desktop view on my mobile phone, I need to completely open a new tab. Do not click, and hope it will pop up. It will automatically open in the app view. Hold any link, and select from the pop up menu a view in a new tab group, or new tab. Select desktop view on the new tab if your settings is off for desktop view.

Thanks for the ideas @leerla73! When I resurrect my laptop to transfer all my files, I’ll compare the Chrome settings on it with those on my Chromebook. :blush:

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I segmented on a long trip to Australia on my ipad in 2018 because the carry on cost on the cheap flight was too high to bring both my SLR camera and laptop. The seg timer worked fine. Then for a while I couldn’t segment on the ipad. But recently I tried again and the seg timer works fine with the ipad and the touch screen.


I use my blue iMac. Tried on an iPad once but that drove me nuts. And I use Chrome for segmenting. Tried safari a little while ago but it was lagging so much and had so much hiccups. Maybe that has changed now. Used Firefox in the past too.


I remember trying different browsers when I was learning segmenting. I concluded Opera was the one that gave me less errors.