What do managers have to do when managing projects

Hello experience managers, hope some of you who manage projects, please share the tips of what are the things needed to be done by a project manager.

Still waiting

This is an interesting discussion. I too would like to know what managers of a project did for Viki’s fans from all over the world. What an amazing contribution guys. Not forgetting the translators and all.

Depends on what you want to do… I mean you are the ‘boss’ so you can decide. Unlike some people tend to think we are not Viki staff but just volunteers like the others on the team. I had people PMing me complete resume’s and I was like “wow! That’s not really needed but ok” hahahaha.

Viki says:

Channel Managers are responsible for recruiting a Channel team (Moderators, Segmenters, and Subtitlers), overseeing the quality of subtitles, notifying Viki Staff of Community Guidelines violations, and running any sort of activities on the Channel!
Check here for more info

What I do when I’m a CM.

  • Recruit a team. (Meaning the main team as you see on the English community wall)
  • Keep the team informed when needed and make sure everyone knows how things work.
  • Ask some people to help me with things (in my case I put someone else in charge to recruit subbers)
  • Giving the English mods instructions of what I want them to do and where I need help with.
  • Answer PM’s from people or direct people to the correct person in charge. (so many people tend to not read the community wall unfortunately)
  • Solve problems for my team when I can or contact Viki to have things fixed.
  • Keep an eye on the channel to make sure everyone follows the guidelines and everything goes well.

In short a channel manager is there for the team and makes sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, is pro active when there is trouble within the team or with the tools. How much work it is depends on your team, if you have a team where everyone does have experience with working in a team on Viki it’s easy and you can kind of sit back and relax but when you have a lot of unexperienced people it’s more work because you need to guide people more and monitor things more often if everything is still going ok.