What do you think about Fated to love you korean version?

Jang hyuk and Jang Nara reunited from Bright girl’s success. The story started out to be great. The evil mother from a hundred year inheritance plays the nice grandma role. And first I was like really? Can’t they pick another grandma? Later on, after many episodes I started to like her. And we have Jang Hyuk laughing like hahahahahhahahaha. The way he laughs is so evil but kind of cute and creeppy.Now the main actress Jang Na Ra came from a remote island. She won two tickets to go to macaw. She went with her boyfriend to have fun but turns out that boyfriend betrayed him. She went to the wrong room drunk and went to Jank hyuk’s room. They slept. I was a little disappointed because I thought it would be like just the taiwnese version. But no. They just show us the kissing and then byebye, WE can’t show you any more further. I was like really? REALLY? Oh, wait I forgot something. There’s a flower boy… Choi JIn Hyuk… OH MY GOD!!!
He’s so manly and cool… Okay that’s it. What do think about the ending of this version? Are they going to live happily ever after or is he going to die? If he dies I’m like I just wasted my time watching this show. BUT if they ended together I’ll be like this drama is as good as the taiwnese version. Now is question time… Now we are getting close to the series ending Fated to love you korean version, I wanted to know if you guys think this drama is worth watching or is it just blah? Is it as goood as the taiwanese version? ARe you going to recommend people to watch it? What do you think about them reuniting again in another drama after this show ends?

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I liked both. I think the Taiwanese version had better screenplay and whatnot, because they could actually show more scenes on the island and in another country, and the makeover of “sticky note girl” was very believable. The Korean version storyline was good for me. I didn’t skip over anything like I did in the Taiwanese version. I liked the turn that it took, too, about the “brother.” I just wished there were more clues about Daniel’s sister, but they look like they’re leaving everything for the last week :-(. It would’ve been nice to see all of these story lines developing at a good pace. I don’t like when they lop things up at the end. Also, I don’t think they’ll kill him off, but it would be nice if instead of just showing the babies at the end, they show them as a family later on when their kid’s growing up.

What episode was the turn about the “brother” in?

I rather liked the Nainai as opposed to halmoni. The scenes in the night club where Ji Cun Xi basically wants a sticky note girl and the other scene where Chen Xin Yi kicks Ji Cun Xi downhill while he is in a barrel were some of my favourites. I had hoped they would show up on the Korean version in some manner (not exactly the same scene but similar)

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I could not watch the Taiwanese version. I generally find the Taiwanese shows unwatchable. Way, way too much slapstick. The grandmas wig in the Taiwanese version, like the sister’s wig in the Korean version, were unfortunate.

In general I found more of a romantic chemistry between the leads in the Korean version. The ex was not as crazy. And his secretary was a charming character int he Korean version.

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Episode 18

I liked the Nainai having her own love story, too. That was cute.

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The Taiwanese one was initially hard to watch because the video didn’t fill the whole screen, that and it was way too bright (I think).
By the time I learned how to change the brightness of my display it was too late :frowning:

It was not video quality, it was casting, production value and just the general quality of the production was rather amateurish.

LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE it granted haven’t seen past ep 16 yet so I may be cursing later one in this thread!! :stuck_out_tongue: I vaguely remember the TW version I think it was one I ended up putting on hold or watched it so long ago I forgot about it. So for me it’s a whole new story I know nothing about. And I just adore the male lead!!! OMG!! he is just perfect!!! I look forward to every ep and have started stalking the man to see what else I can watch him in!! 2nd lead will always have a spot in my heart everytime I see him I remember Wol Ryung swoons

Soon the 20th episode will be out… I never laughed so much for a drama. Jang Hyuk is an AWESOMEEE actor!!!
“In english… K-i…double s.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I have the final one E20 to watch so at first I was going to wait until tomorrow to leave a comment. A guess at this stage, half the fans will be happy the other half, of which I’m one will be disappointed as this was really very enjoyable up to E12 mainly due to the two leads who are excellent in the parts. My criticism is that the writer has committed the usual sin of many Korean drama writers and left issues to resolve all in one final episode. Started off very well and moved along nicely developing the characters with lots of emotion and plenty of amusing scenes. Then wasted 4 episodes which could have been used to unfold each issue with more depth and show the maturing of his characters and their relationships. Have I enjoyed it? yes, It has been entertaining for the most part but like it’s predecessor just too long without a good reason. You ask if the lead couple will in my opinion live happy ever after, well here goes… I think the writer has already given us all the hint that they’ll be happy together and live each day as it comes not focussing on the sadness that may lie ahead. Mi Young said it herself and Gun reading his fathers letter understands now that the time left is not important but how he uses it. Will come back tomorrow to see how everyone feels at the end.

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You’re pretty much on point. Good prediction. :thumbsup:

Yeah i’ve seen it, it was interesting but OMG THEY DON’T SUIT EACH OTHER D:
she is so innocent for him, so i dislike kim mi young personality -.-

Oh that is interesting… I thought she was perfect, outwardly soft, naive, caring but so strong inside. She was the perfect girl for him and like a lot of men he didn’t notice in time to halt the result of his actions.

I have completed both the Korean and Taiwanese versions now and there were things I like better about each. I started with the Korean version and got impatient waiting for the next episodes and did a marathon of the Taiwanese version. I’m not going lie…I love Gun even with the goofy laugh, but the lead in the other version was good too. The one thing that really, really let the Taiwanese version down (and irritated me to death) was the STUPID birth scene in the park. I felt that in one completely horrific scene, they ruined the whole show.

Over all, I loved this show most in Korean and re-watched some of the episodes while waiting for more to post.

Oh me too…did the very same thing!! Agree with you on both.

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Yep but i thought he was fun and outgoing and extrovert but shes the opposite, well idk i just found her personality annoying in the drama lol c:

LOL. I didn’t like the triple birth deal either, but I didn’t feel quite as strongly about it.