What does Viki evaluate for choosing a channel manager?

I wanted to manage a channel, but I had a question: What does Viki evaluate when choosing a channel manager?
If anyone knows can you please tell me?


Volunteers don’t really know for sure how they evaluate because there are a lot of candidates sometimes who might all fulfill the conditions! We would need to be part of Viki, but Viki has posted a non-exhaustive list of the criteria to be selected:

How are Channel Managers selected?


(You can find more info out there. I think there are 2 sections you’ll be interested in: Channel Management and Moderation and Channel Creation/Channel Manager Selection)

Almost forgot: it’s the procedure for new channels with no team yet indicating “Apply to be a Channel Manager.” It’s another one if it’s about old channels with an existing team, but for some reasons, a channel management modification is asked (for example sickness, leave, no time, etc.).


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You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:
Feel free to ask questions on this forum, someone will surely answer you if he knows the answer!

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