What drama is this?[SOLVED]


Hello people, how are you?:heart::heart:
Can anyone tell me what Drama is this? Plss💕

(I think it’s Chinese)
Thank uuuuuuu🤍🤍🤍


I don’t know and I don’t recognize the actors either but I tried to get a screen capture of them, maybe it’ll help someone else





Funny, I’ve seen that drama, but that scene didn’t seem familiar to me at all. :sweat_smile:


Thank uuuu❤️


You may want to change the title of your thread adding [SOLVED] so that helpful people don’t click on it.


I think that whoever did the synopsis for The Love Equations needs to have an in-house training session for everybody else who does this kind of thing for Viki. I have a few minor quibbles about punctuation, but the synopsis is not too long or short. It’s just right.