What drama would you like to be the lead actress?

You have to think about it, you have to choose only one, I know it´s difficult!! My choice is Secret Garden!

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Well, that’s pretty difficult… But I think I would choose Queen In Hyun’s Man =D


Oh…cool question…Hmm I would choose…The Moon Embracing the Sun…Awwww Kim Soo-hyun Oppa! :smiley:

that is a TOUGH QUESTION. ESPECIALLY with all those handsome guyz as lead for all these dramas and their chemistry… haha

if i had to choose… the lead in heartstrings.

The lead in Queen Seon Deok, Lady Mi Shil, who spins wheels of manipulation.

I would not particularly like to be an actress, rather a scenographer, but if I have to choose a role, than I find Lady Mi Shil a challenging role for me.


I think I would choose When A Man Loves to form a couple with Song Seung-Heon :blush:

The leading actress was really annoying. Maybe I can do a better job, cause the drama was not bad, but Shin Se-Kyung tried too hard to ruin it.

The leading in  “Bad Love”. 

Not bad at all to struggle with love between Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Sung Soo :smile:

Uuuuuuh that women was pure evil but still fascinating in a way !!

Wow hahahahah you girls really want to go through so much pain :smiley: @soo_yun_9
Just kidding haha kdrama life is hard

Well if I had to choose, pretty hard tho, I would choose this girl from faith

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@dramaaaaa: You just stole my answer! :slight_smile:
But just to be selfish, I would love to be the lead actress in every drama Lee Min Ho is the lead actor!
Not asking for to much, right?

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Yaaah hey girl !!
Come on let me choose one too :smiley:
I love this drama the most. Chemistry is so beautiful. And well a saviour like him is always welcomed.
Sorry btw for stealing your answer :open_mouth: haha

AAAAND she’s so freaking pretty and beautiful. Wanna be like her

Yes she is gorgeous!
I guess isn’t another choice: we have to fight over this!

PS: I’m older, maybe you can let me win this one :smiley:

Yah that’s soooo unfair T_T always have to give up because I am younger.

Ooh… Please don’t cry!
We can share! first 12 episodes are yours, and the other 12 are mine!
Is fine?

PS: I have a feeling I was being played!

Hahahaha you can choose ! First or second half ?

You can have first half, I will take the second one :wink:

Hahahah more romance in the second one sigh
I will rewatch this drama again. Missed it already

sakura in ‘last cinderella’


Its really hard to choose, since I had lots of drama I really like…
Someone had answered The Moon Embracing The Sun, so I think mine will be Rooftop Prince

I would choose king 2 hearts (ha ji won) or city hunter (park min young)