What Dramas Are You Watching This Summer?

Hello, everyone!

How’s Summer treating you? I was wondering what dramas you are currently watching… Or maybe you’re all too busy catching those waves and rays. :sunglasses::sun_with_face::surfing_man: :swimming_man: :tshirt::bikini:

PS: The real Sun isn’t smiling, though, so please be careful. Use sunblock creams and drink lots of water.


Agree with the sunblock and water comment :sunny:
I’m watching some of the classics I haven’t watched yet. At the moment I’m on ‘Slave Hunters’ aka Chuno.

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I know you don’t like Chinese dramas, but I do :wink:
I’ve moved on from Chuno and onto Oh my general.
It’s really funny and one of the only dramas where my hubby
wants to watch all of the episodes. Subbing and segmenting are still in progress though :blush::couple:


Currently watching:
Wok of Love - Fantastic cast and great story.
The Undateables - Great cast but the story is kinda meh…
What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim - Everything about it is exceptional.

I’m also about to start Let’s eat Season 2. (Sadly season 1 is not licenced in my region, but I think they are not the connected anyway.)
After I’m done with all of the above, I’ll go on a mini k-drama detox for a few days. :stuck_out_tongue:

Other things I plan on watching during the summer, if they get licenced in my region (Not on Viki):
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Season 2) - Season 1 was the best thing I’ve watched this year.
Archer (Season 9) - Here’s a scene from one of the earlier seasons.


Ikr? I don’t like blaming the writers, since writing is hard enough, let alone if millions of people had to judge it,
but… I feel like they had to conform to other people’s preferences or just gave up at a certain point T.T
Will still watch it till the end though.

Ooh and I just started watching the Disastrous Life of Saiki K 2 days ago and it’s hilarious! :joy:


Oh, I’m sorry. I suppose I said some mean things. I just wish the Kocowa gap wasn’t so wide.

Anyway, “Oh My General” is very popular and of high-quality from what I can gather. Please enjoy!

Hahaha no worries. And yes I will :slight_smile: Just finished segmenting the last episode, so just have to wait for the subtitles and I’ll be set :wink:

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