¯\_(ツ?)_/¯What happened to Soompi forums ❓


Lately, when I clicked on my usual shortcut, I’ve been getting this message: :roll_eyes:

I know that there have been many (awesome) changes and upgrades lately.
I hope it isn’t due to the sudden discontinuation of the forums.:sob:

Anyone has any idea? Can someone from @vikicommunity or someone who’s also a part of Soompi please advise? Thanks.:rose:


I noticed that too, and I hope it wasn’t removed. Lately, they had no new updates in drama etc… and I thought it was just bc of the virus issues, but now I see this is something more serious.

Hope I’m wrong and it’s just a temporary thing. New changes maybe? Hopefully…:disappointed_relieved:


I noticed that the new channel page mode has a link to Soompi, but I haven’t tried clicking on it yet.

Update: Hmm … it seems to be gone now. Well, there is a link to Soompi, but not the one I remember seeing a few days ago. Strange … :thinking:

Update 2: However, the link that is on the bottom of the channel pages still works:


Strange. I don’t see that link at all. Hmm…

It works for news and stuff. But the link to “soompi forums” yields the same message. :frowning:

Hopefully. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


I just went there, I am not using it normally, but it says it’s temporarily off. You can read it here


Ah… Thanks for the linked article. It wasn’t there when I last googled.
Glad to know it’s not a discontinuation :slight_smile: .




This is what I get when I click on your link. Could it be to US area only? (since you say you can see it and i can’t).


[The page you are looking for seems to have gotten lost]

A page that grew legs, walked out, and got lost? Hum! Come back Soompi find your way to us. Honestly I really like Soompi!


Strange, I can still see it.

They do have problems with the forum, but they’re working on it. The news site is still active though, so it’s strange you can’t see it.



I will just put it again, in case it was overlooked, as the page is still down


Yes, the forum is down, but @angelight313_168 has trouble seeing the main Soompi site as well.


@lutra @mirjam_465

Great news I see… @lutra’s link says that they are aware of the problem and to have patience that they are looking into it. I’ll just wait and see. As long as they don’t take it down, and that was my biggest fear and it seems that’s not the case. Thank goodness!



That makes two of us, and what a relief I have now bc I honestly love Soompi.


Yes, but that part is only about the Soompi forum. The rest of Soompi is visible for most of us, but apparently not for you.

This one works:

This one didn’t work, but suddenly it seems to be fixed:


YES!!! Horray :firecracker::confetti_ball::sparkler: It’s working now and I’m going back to catch up what I missed this past few days. THANK YOU! made my day…:joy:


July 25, 2020 – Almost any forum page I look at is giving this message [[Template forums/front/topics/postContainer is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
and it repeats to cover the screen