What happened to the website?

I came back to viki after some time away and the website has gone to shit. i wanted to subscribe again but i cant navigate this new site at all. it wont let me narrow my search by genre, (it wont let me search for fantasy horror or scifi or supernatural) the schedule is gone, i couldnt even cancel under “other” because it wouldnt let me input a complaint as to why i wanted to leave… why did they make these changes? why make it more difficult to navigate an already hard website to search through?


Que es lo que esta pasando con este website? esto no es un sitio free, se paga mensual una menbresia y el site no tiene calidad esta frizado, termina un episodio y no cae el siguiente o se corta constantemente el que estas viendo ha perdido calidad si no lo va a solucionar avisen para cancelar la suscripcion de algo que no puedes usar

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Cancela la suscripción es lo mejor que haces.


LIKE you said here yourself, it has gone to shit. So many bugs around. People controlling this site, manipulating the higher ups, where you can’t even speak out about the form of bullying and injustice going on this site, too.

The bugs going rampant and nothing gets ‘‘fixed’’
The slow subtitles in some dramas ONLY when certain ppl are in the team are simply ridiculous.