What happens to dramas which lost their license?

this may have been asked before, I don’t remember it if it was.

so here goes, what happens to all these dramas and movies that the license has been canceled or whatever. when this happens where are they put, are they just thrown away? in a library, aww I will ask this and can they be seen by the public or are they gone forever? really a shame if they are. I just have seen an old drama and it just made me ask.

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With the old dramas with expired licences, I think the video is there, and the subs are definitely kept. But you can’t see either of them.

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so just in “storage” ?

Yes, unfortunately. On the positive side, that means that if the show gets relicensed, all the languages usually come back instantaneously. Unless Viki must change the deal with the broadcasting company, which usually involves keeping on the English subs.

They rcently lost the liscence to Master in the house , I was so angry , I’ve emailed , messaged so many different people at viki and I am still waiting for a response , so even though Master in the House is still on Air in Korea it’s not for Europe , I have to use a website full of adverts in order to watch my favourite show xoxo:blush:

can we ask Viki to re llicense them?

Yes, of course. Through the usual request form. Maybe if enough people ask for them, Viki may deem it worth to try and buy them again. Although some of them may not be available to buyers, since the “mothership” Kocowa got them back for their own website and may want to keep them as exclusives.


I will ask again, where do we go to request them?


Ok I have requested, lets see what happens. thanks for the link, I need to save it somewhere so I can use it again later

Because its location is not obvious, I have saved it on my profile page, under the heading “Hard to find links”. That’s how I can immediately find it. You might do the same for useful stuff.

Viki can re-license already lost dramas.


These 3 Japanese dramas lost their licenses and viki is bringing them back…
They’re now at the Coming soon section.

I assume Viki will restore everything.


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so good to know we can ask for re licensing, I now have the link safely put in my profile “need to find links”

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