What inspires you?

This week:

  • An Indonesian song.

I’ve never listened to any Indonesian song, but this song got me hooked.
Though I don’t understand anything, feelings are there.


“I have no flowers
I have no treasures
All I have is a sincere loyal heart to you”

  • A video from a Korean female youtuber, Jenn Im:


Each time I see her videos, there’s a soothing effect.
This video is her bio, hardships and tips, state of mind, personal change.
Are we the best asset we have?

  • The book that she recommended (~$5 on Amazon Kindle format)
    “The 7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen Covey:

Only read a few pages before bed yesterday night but got me already thinking a lot.

What about you? :grinning:

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I just wanted to share this video that my uncle sent to my mother, who in turn sent to me. I found it to be very insightful and convicting, not just in leadership, but in my relationships as well. I hope it helps!

  1. a cat chasing something
    2 a dog cuddled up to a baby
    3 a song that makes me cry(check the little drummer boy)
    4 a drama that makes me cry or laugh or make me angry
    5 holding hands
    6 quotes from different places,
    7 the BIBLE
    8children laughing & playing
    9 a good book that has a great ending
    10 same for dramas & movies
    11 the back yard, life things
    12 the galaxy
    so much more.

I really like your list. Thank you for inspiring!


thank you!


Good share @helenama73_911, it’s a timeless gem! I have one to share, one that just got posted up, it’s a gem! Check out the comments, there you’ll find more gems.

You need this. . .

No need to watch.
Just play, and listen.

You need this. . .

Quando eu vejo as coisas lindas que Deus criou: o mar, os pássaros, as flores, as nuances de um por do sol, no céu avermelhado… tudo isso me inspira muito :sorrindo_face_com_três_corações: