What is Annoyingly Changing on Viki

Is it me or are other people wondering about this? Within the last few months Viki has been overloading us (me) with game shows and other assorted fluff that (to me) is not what I planned to spend my money on. I can live with slow subtitles because of the incredible job volunteers do for me and other single language speakers. What I can’t get over is having few series or movies and tons of “travelogues,” “game shows,” and “internet influencers” ego shows or supposed self help "stuff. "

Did Viki lose it’s agreements with most of the big television groups out of Korea? The last great show from Korea was Hotel De Luna. Since then it’s been mostly passable stuff or DramaFever leftovers. Yes, some of the leftovers are great but some of it is not worth watching again (or the first time really).

There are some terrific shows from China, but where are the great shows from Korea and Japan? Because there are a lot! I’m a long term subscriber and I’m getting frustrated with all the “odd” changes taking place with Viki. Is this the beginning of the end like DramaFever? Come on Rakuten, where’s your A game? I know you’re a HUGE company, but there are thousands and thousands of viewers on Viki from all over the world. Did you forget about us?


They are put with their back to the wall.
Two years ago three big Korean broadcasting companies (KBS, MBC and SBS) created their own streaming website (Kocowa) and have become a competitor to Viki. They have agreed to sell to Viki the rights to show a few of their shows (and that’s how Vikipass plus was created, to be able to pay for those shows).
Then NetFlix has begun to get more and more interested in Korean dramas, seeing the worldwide spreading interest. They have tons of money and they often secure the juiciest shows. They sometimes make their own originals. Recently they have also made an exclusive agreement with JTBC, a big Korean network, so ALL the shows of that network will be viewed only there.

Between those two mammoths, it’s not that Viki loses because it doesn’t offer more money, it’s that most of the time those shows are secured from their “birth” to these other two companies, so there’s not even a chance to bid or bargain.

Given the situation, what can it do? Since it cannot have a good quantity of Korean shows, it has inundated us with Chinese romantic comedies (bleah!), variety shows (hmpf) and insipid, over-the-top cringe-worthy vlogs (super bleah!).
Plus some really subpar Korean fare, like Secret Romance, Cinderella, I met a Celebrity on the Street, Level Up and Love With Flaws.
It also has acquired a number of movies, old and new and that’s the only positive thing, because some of them are really good.

But I do understand their position. They’re trying to make their best of a very difficult situation, while keeping the viewers happy as much as possible.


Yes, when I read about CJ E&M has an exclusive deal with Netflix I was like ok, now there is almost nothing left as almost everything seems to be covered by others. So we can only hope those others are kind enough to give Viki some which Kocowa does from time to time as they have a deal but only for certain regions. If you are not from those regions you can only hope they allow Viki to make it available for more regions which Kocowa kindly does from time to time.

Kocowa is a joint service of KBS, SBS and MBC (and some other smaller channels which fall under these big 3 I guess).

And then there is CJ E&M which has the following channels:
Mnet,TvN, OCN, Onstyle etc. For a full list click here

So basically the only channels that is left for Viki (if they are able to get a license) is JTBC, Channel A and TV Chosun and some smaller channels?! Or is one of them also owned by one of the 2?!

I found it odd that Viki suddenly started with documentaries but they have to do something and maybe it’s part of some deal we don’t know. And as for Japanese content, Japan has always been very protective of their content in a sense. They hunt down things on YT. In the past many music labels had their channels on YT just like Kpop now but lot’s of them are gone or became Japan only. Yes it’s sad as I like Jdrama but at least we get something?!

At this rate I’m a bit worried for Viki’s future.


I predict viki’s name at this site with time will disappear, and the other ‘names’ will take over. At least, it won’t happen like with DF that I thought it was a temporary thing, and it was not. Gone forever…:frowning:

Actually, jTBC also signed a contract with NF.


I somehow missed that news.
So there is even less Viki could try to get a license for.


However, Viki did get jTBC’s “I’ll Come to You When the Weather is Nice” as a Viki Original (which, I believe, means they backed the production with $$$$), but perhaps that was on the ‘table’ between the two entities before the deal with NF was inked.

It’s sad because Viki has always been my favorite licensed site for the last 10 years. But, let’s not count our chickens before the eggs are hatched, right? :smile:


@bjh13416 Yes there are some Terrific Shows from China, actually I prefer more Chinese dramas if they are fantasy or historical. I do watch Koreans dramas, but with me it depend on the story line or the actors in Korean dramas.

I think Viki over flow with too many korean dramas, if anything the Japan drama is lacking.
Taiwanese dramas personally for me can somewhat be under the Chinese dramas since they both speak the same language Mandarin and they both often exchange Actors and Actresses back and forward in their dramas.

I have No interest in the game show if I want to watch that I have KBS & MBC on my TV lineup for channels as well as others. Actually Netflix is my second home after Drama Fever close down they have tons of Asian dramas on their platform they get dramas that even Viki don’t have, they also have the right to Netflix Originals of many Asian dramas ,so between Viki and Netflix I get my share. :slight_smile:


Well, they always can bring us some of other countries dramas and movies like how this site was years ago instead of this useless youtube programs in my opinion.
Like from: Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines.
They have many good dramas and movies!



I know…:anguished: I always say the same thing old viki was a golden jewel. I remember adding Spanish subs to JAPANESE, LAKORN, TAIWANESE, PHILIPPINES, SPAIN Even TAMIL LANGUAGE, and many, many more dramas.

Of course, we are not going to like all of them but some of them were really good, and I loved how I saw different countries through their scenes in that dramas something that I otherwise, would never be able to afford$$$, visit and enjoy all its natural beauty.

The Philippines for example, has the most awesome scary ghost movies/dramas I’ve ever seen. I love those because they manage to add so many funny scenes, that as scary as their scenes are, you can’t stop laughing through the whole drama.

Thailand: I especially like the romantic dramas and their so in tune with the drama OST. The Japanese dramas I only like the ones where the female main actress is a fighter for her rights to be independent, and thrives in her career while handling life as a housewife, mother and employee of a company.

They DO need to bring that back here at this site to keep viewers satisfied because there is so much you can see of K dramas: especially lately, with the same plot scenes and emotionless ending (the new trend now is couples don’t have a kissing scene in the end blah). The worse one for me is the open/ended dramas where you break your head wondering what really happened in the ending or the ones where it seems like it has a second season that will never come in the future. Ugh!.

In all fairness, licensing for this dramas have a hefty price, and they need to get that money from the viewers as paying subscribers. I don’t know if they delete their comments or what but I see such few comments in the drama which tells me we really don’t have the huge amount of viewers viki site had in the past.

I thank GOD I can afford other stream services where I am enjoying all these different varieties of dramas, shows, documentaries etc…It breaks my heart for those that don’t have availability or can afford these services and you see them here complaining how they see an AD every 10 second of the drama. It’s really sad how greed for money bring misery to so many viewers here and you can see it in their many heartbroken comments.

But the saddest part is that every change done here has so many negative outcome, and so far I haven’t seen comments of people’s satisfaction of the new changes done here at this site. They must not be using experts in those fields because this is a mess. Buffering, getting kicked out, coming soon bugs, bugs after bugs and watching dramas on the weekends here are almost impossible (at least for me with that constant buffering and no subs available although drama was uploaded days before sigh


I know we are doing a lot of “griping” cause of this or that, yes I did like DF, there were times that DF was better than Viki in some of their dramas, wait , let me finish,
Net flix has almost taken over, like one of you mentioned. the subs are questionable sometimes. some of their subs, I am not too happy cause of the swearing, I watched the drama on Viki, really strange, they didn’t have the swear words. I said this many years ago about DF and Viki, you can find some good/bad in both. ok we lost DF,
dont tell me we are going to lose Viki! I would really hate that, yes I would rather watch viki than NF,or YT

bugs & more bugs!! give the new Viki a chance!! maybe they are trying to work ut the bugs that we get irritated about~ I have to admit, I am one that really am not able to afford the price but I sure am going to do MY best to keep it!
and many years ago I stopped complaining so I don’t, I wait for the subs, wait for them to put all the drama on all to gether! again I wait.
I hate even the thought I may not be able to stay on viki sometime in the future,
cause I do enjoy all these dramas, enjoy watching these actors & actresses, even to follow them, my “kids” is what I call them, from a few weeks ago of those suicides, really upset me, to they getting new dramas, i follow them! yeah these kids same age as my youngest, but I still enjoy watchng them. sure I could complain but what good is it??
sometimes I wonder if licensing is an excuse, well look, those pirate links get it, and looks so easy, yeah Netflix may be the big boy on the block, wonder how much negoiations go on? I don’t know, but I just want to see these dramas without any fuss, thts it. I didn’t know about kocowa, I do now, then Netflix,. I just hope Viki doesn’t get lost!


I agree with some of your statements, here is my opinion the K Drama is a bit too much I am not interest in silly immature story line that seen to be present in Korean Dramas ( some not all ) it’s always boy meet girl the parents don’t approve because the boy or girl is not rich, but poor. I notice the top Korean Actors and Actresses will only act in story line that make sense that is why I LOVE korean actor Jang Hyuk who was a master in the part he Play in the drama “Money Flower” another top actor is Ji Sung who I first came to love In “Secret Love” there is also excellent top Korean Actresses.

One such Korean actress is Kim Nam Joo who was a standout in the drama “Misty” all of the Koreans dramas I mention is here on Viki and well worth the time to watch. But my true love have always been Chinese dramas they give you a story not a quick thank you and good bye. Watching Chinese dramas one need to be ready to expect a good ending or not a good ending. Their drama tell a story even if it’s sometime 50’s or more episodes, I go for the long haul. Also when it comes to Fantasy or historical drama sorry NO one can beat the Chinese, they are the best at what they do period.

I do speak and understand Chinese Mandarin I first learn from watching Chinese drama with subtitle, then I went ahead to learn with studies. I only been a Viki member for 5 or six years, so I do notice how flooded out we are with Korean dramas that fine for those who like it but I rather have more of a variety of choices as you mention in your post. To my surprise for those who can afford it or can get it in their area Netflix have tons of Asian dramas, that is NOT on Viki I upgraded to Viki Plus Pass last year it’s alright, for those who want it and can afford it. I enjoy reading your comments. :slight_smile:


Oh,:blush: thanks for the compliment. I’m glad you like my comments. I always enjoy yours too bc you don’t put down other genre dramas like some do in here. I like Chinese dramas too but my bad luck I always picked the ones that half of the cast dies, and it breaks my heart to see sad endings :disappointed_relieved: especially when I’m looking forward for a happy forever after love story.

I was so pleased with Chinese drama: If I Can Love You So bc the ending was good. I love the Chinese dramas that are full of fantasy like Candle in the Tomb and many more. But here at viki they don’t offer a lot of Chinese dramas and the ones they have lately don’t appeal to me but I watch a lot of Chinese dramas/movies on NTFX.

Sometimes I put request for some Chinese dramas but I don’t get too much support when I ask ppl to help me by filling out the request form (I requested Legend of the Naga Pearl ) I was really impressed with this Chinese movie. I hope you watch it if you can. I mean a lot of ppl die in there but like the ending still. SANCTUARY (2014?) was to me a Chinese Masterpiece drama (30 episodes) they have it here but is not available for my region for I would watch it again :sob:
Link here: ttps://www.viki.com/videos/1028706v-sanctuary-episode-1?locale=en#modal-episode

One thing I love about Chinese dramas is those precious special effects and those exquisite wardrobes. I can say with full conviction that I haven’t seen a K/J/T etc…dramas, with the special effects like the Chinese do.


On the subject of other services and dramas, please give Crash Landing on You a try. Highly recommended to anyone who’s a sucker for hot guys in uniform :sweat_smile::two_hearts:



Sometime I wonder why so much K- drama, one reason is their Partnership with Kocowa and you would think that Rakuten who was originally base in Tokyo by Hiroshi Mikittani who mostly was known for electronic commerce but have went into other areas of commerce as well like retailing.
So to expect more Japanese Drama is a guess since it seem it was not their main focus even from the beginning of their establishment.

Kocowa is headquarter in Los Angeles CA, there is a big population of Koreans living there. Now if you go more toward San Francisco CA, Northern part,where I live there a big population of Chinese as well some Japanese. Viki is located in San Mateo which is also part of San Francisco bay areas.
Variety Is The Spice Of Life we need more of other Asian drama instead of being flooded out with one specific. I hope in 2020 Viki will heard our voices and give all of us more of a variety and get the rights and license to do so.

Happy Holidays to all :christmas_tree::fireworks::sparkler: in different part of the world enjoy and be safe.



It’s all about making the money, and k drama is the new obsession worldwide.

Even my grandkids now love k dramas (some dramas/movies not all of them) the Japanese anime (my grandson only, who also knows Japanese fluently/self taught) They are always asking me to recommend them a new K drama (they loved Memories from Alhambra) my oldest daughter, my son in law, and my grandkids do a family/movie night together and watch k dramas while eating popcorns.They like some of the Korean music too and practice the steps. The only thing my granddaughter’s have a gripe with is, when they see the Kpop guys with eyeliner on lol.

I never thought my oldest daughter, son in law and grandkids would like Asian dramas/movies but they got hooked once I told them to check out the viki site lol


Yes I like K- Pop but I am more into the boy groups, not the girls groups they always give the look of being so innocent prancing and dancing around in short clothes. ( like really )
Yes the boys do wear makeup they all do. I do check it out now and then my top boy groups is and will always be BIG BANG and EXO. Fans also like BTS I can take or leave them. But really I am all about the dramas. :slight_smile:


I just subscribe to viki this month April 2020. Wow, very informative detail. My mom likes netflix. I just want to see my favorite K-Pop female idols in a K-Drama series. Very few selections of Japanese shows due to overprotective licencing. Unless I move to Japan. Anyways, as long as viki here to stay. There always something enjoyable for everyone. Peace.


I only like the K-Pop girl groups. Just my opinion. Red Velvet, AOA, Girl’s Day, EXID, SNSD. The women are so pretty. The guys are cool. That’s why there is KCON.


I wish Rakuten Viki can play all the cool Japanese Tokusatsu shows. Such as Ultraman, Super Sentai, the roots of Power Rangers, and Kamen Rider series. We need Japanese Superhero shows besides love story drama. That be sweet.

For now. I just stick to K-Drama. Check out Be Arrogant with Girl’s Day Yura. She absolutely beautiful. Also a mini series Hot and Sweet, Starring Yuna from AOA (Ace of Angels), and Choi Min Hwan (FTIsland).