What is going on in here?

A confessed ‘‘abuser’’ admits all the things he/she has done here. He/She was able to sub in different language that he/she didn’t even know or was proficient in. Right now, I see work in his/her page which means his/her page has not been cancelled/deleted etc.

I, on the other hand, was added in 2 teams, but have not been able to enter the subtitle editor because they can’t ‘‘verified’’ my e-mail. An e-mail I have since 2012. I was Gold QC but decided to delete the account so the contribution count went back to 0. Why? I just wanted to start anew again working with the new/current dramas/movies/programs.

I hope this issue can be resolved so I can continue to offer my service here as a non paid volunteer. I’m not going to believe the actions of an abuser is hindering my desire to provide my quality Spanish subtitles I can offer at RViki site.

Thank you for helping out; if you can.

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