What is inappropriate content in these reviews?

What is inappropriate content in these reviews?

Do Viki remove reviews without seeing them?
I need an explanation for that!!!

You are right and they are right.
Why? Or how come?
You write that Viki removed your comments and that is indeed what it looks like a comment.
But you posted it in the review section and it does not really look like a review.
So to make it short comments belong in the comment section and reviews into the review section.
After reading a review I should be able to know a bit of the drama or movie, after reading your comments there is not a bit of information about the show. I wouldn’t be able to make a decision to pick up a drama or not.
Another thing is reviews are not meant to ask other people to do this or that and normally a serious review can’t be posted before a show has started. Reviews are not for communication but for information/recommendation.

Hope this helps you. Have a nice day and don’t be offended.


Thank you so much, dear :hibiscus:

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I’ll tell you what. They are not reviews.
A review is the viewer’s opinion of a show AFTER the person has watched it, preferably with an explanation of why he or she liked it or didn’t like it.
What you have shown in your screenshots is a fake review, something written before watching, without having watched. Something which we all flag and downvote, because we want to make them disappear from Viki.
What right does someone have to give 10 stars for something not watched? It may be an OCN drama, it may have a good cast, and still be a very bad drama. Or it may be a drama from another channel, with unknown actors, and be a masterpiece. Either way, you can’t know until you watch it.
This is a Coming Soon show. Nobody has watched it yet, so every review in there is a fake review.
Therefore the 10 stars do not reflect the reality, just a pre-conception (“I think it will be great because of the TV-channel and because of the stars taking part”). They raise the ratings for this show artificially, they are misleading. Just like the 2-3 stars given by those who whine about the lack of subtitles in their language. Both cases are fake reviews.
Giving false information shouldn’t be allowed anywhere, certainly not on Viki, where some people rely on the ratings to decide whether to watch or not.

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You know I really like you as a person and I’ve worked very well with you, but here you’re not in the right.

This said, when I went there, with the new channel page design, I saw there are 11 reviews making for a 9.3 rating, but I couldn’t see any of those reviews.


I flag all non reviews that way because I think that’s the most suitable. And if it takes too long to have them removed in my opinion I ask a staffer. To bad the rating remains… now my new CM project already has a rating while it didn’t even air yet. So annoying. I asked staff to give those reviewers a warning too for not following the review policy.

And when I flag it’s nothing personal against any user, I just hate those none reviews because then the rating will be inaccurate and sometimes it depends on a rating wether or not I watch a Kdrama (but obviously I do not check viki ratings for that) so it’s not handy when a really good Kdrama is rated as a 6 due impatient people who cannot wait for subs. Or a bad Kdrama rated as a 10 because there is an idol in it and their fanbase gave it a 10 because of that mere fact.


I do not put reviews except after watching and at that time I evaluate, but for these two, because of the evaluations that were made a month before the drama aired and gave it ratings from one or two stars, as you notice, my dear, the drama and the chemistry among its stars are really worth watching and my words did not violate that.
Thank you :heart:

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I agree with you, dear
But sometimes as language moderators we make an effort to balance the ratings. There are dramas and movies that deserve to get 10 stars, but you find them 7 or 6 stars, which causes many fans to avoid watching them.

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Yes that remains an issue and I hope Viki can get rid of the rating to when reviews are deleted. Deleted reviews should not count for the overal rating anyway.


It’s crazy that deleted reviews are still part of the ratings :neutral_face::flushed:


Two wrongs don’t make one right - at least that’s how I personally think. I also think us moderators have to give a good example to the rest of the users.

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I admire your honesty bc you didn’t hide what you did and admitted it here, and you felt you did it for a good reason and I agree with you, too. Many moderators here instruct their team and subbers to give 10 in their reviews and that’s nothing new in here. Just because some of them won’t admit it here, it doesn’t mean you are the only one who did that. Many I know do that even on dramas that are not worth watching.

I worked in a drama that a certain moderator send ppl to give lower rates and bad review to the drama I was working in, and of course ppl opted to not watch the drama bc back then nothing was done about this kind of situation (although a few review were deleted the rating stayed at the lowering rate in the drama).

What you did was for the interest of the project you were working for based on the unfairness of lower rates/bad reviews given but the ill intention of some other ppl that did that a month before the drama even aired! You was an honest moderator protecting a drama that was worth watching, and like you said your words didn’t violate that. I applaud your honesty.

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Thank you very much for your nice words, dear :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, I really appreciate that :hugs:

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