Let's all go downvote and flag those who post reviews of shows before they start airing


Already a number of fake reviews are there, although the drama hasn’t started airing.
If you agree with me that these are not reviews and shouldn’t be there, come and let’s put thumbs down and click the flag for “Inappropriate content” on all of them.

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No suggested flag reason really suits the problem here. Down-voting the comments doesn’t hide them. What do you suggest?

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Downvoting is one thing that surely will alert these people that they have done something they shouldn’t have.
The Italian community here at viki has been downvoting a troll who wrote fake reviews and after 20 downvotes they were not shown anymore.

I know the reasons for flagging are not suitable, but I just put “inappropriate content”, for want of something better.
There has been another thread in which we suggested that viki disables reviews until the show is completed. But so far they haven’t listened to us.

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And this is why I don’t search for dramas to watch based on the reviews here on viki :disappointed_relieved:
what if the “adding a review” option appears only after someone finishes the drama :sweat_smile:

Hmm… How would they know if you actually watched it or not in its entirety? This seems an impossible task. Someone might have just clicked on the episodes, or skimmed them. On the other hand, somebody might have watched some of them elsewhere, as I do if the subtitles are not very quickly finished, so it would show that I haven’t watched some of the episodes when in reality I have, just not here on viki.

If at least the “review” thingy was locked until the drama was completely aired and all the episodes present in viki (maybe also subtitled in English?), this would ensure that we wouldn’t have all those “Oh, five stars because it sounds so good” “Oh, five stars because oppa is in it!” “Oh, zero stars because the subtitles are not there yet”.
Still we wouldn’t get rid of the “zero stars because it’s not available in my region” reviews.
Unless viki implemented a way to report those users for doing it.
But even the half-measure I suggested would be a relief, I think.
AND: They could add a sentence, before somebody writes a review. Saying
"**Reviews are ONLY for writing your opinion on the drama you just watched, and the star ratings should reflect that opinion. **
Don’t write a review if you haven’t watched it. Don’t give ratings based on the video’s availability in your region, on whether there are subtitles or not and other irrelevant things. Only say if you thought it was good or not good and why.

We think those things are obvious, but some people don’t even know what a review is and what it is for. So a reminder might stop them in their tracks and make them reflect on what they are about to do - hopefully!

People don’t tend to downvote a 10 star “review”, only the 1-8 star “reviews”.

Thank you for pointing out in the other thread the CM doesn’t control the rating system. This is what I have a problem with:

What is different from the first and the other 3???
The answer: the 1st has a 1 Star and the other 3 have a 10 Star.
Yes, I’m the 1 star and I mainly wrote it BECAUSE of 33 pages of 10 Star reviews that hadn’t watched the entirety of the drama because it is ongoing. i also reported all of the reviews on 33 pages for Inappropriate Content and all of them are still there and VIEWABLE. Please tell me this isn’t censorship…

It needs a certain number of people to report them before they become hidden.
Surely, you might argue that the Channel Manager only downvotes and reports the lower rating reviews because s/he cares that the drama is clicked on and viewed by more people. I’m not saying it’s impossible. But do they really care that much? I’ve never known someone who does that, at least among us old-timers. We get pissed equally with good reviews (the “oppa is in it” type) and downvote/flag them equally.
What about Viki? They surely have an interest, they would like all of the shows to have good reviews.
But please understand that Viki (or Disqus) don’t have the resources to closely monitor about every single review or comment on every single drama. Viki is severely understaffed. Viki does care whenever competitor websites are mentioned. If you report that, they move very swiftly, lol!
I mean, let’s not overdo it with conspiracy theories.
Get two friends to downvote and flag those reviews in your screenshot. From the names of the writers, I guessed what the drama is, and I will go now and do it too. You will see they will disappear from view.
Not deleted, mind you, but be hidden.
They should be deleted, in my opinion, but this would need someone to monitor them, which, again, they sadly don’t have. Someone is needed to monitor because I’ve seen many very well-written and thoughtful reviews hidden, I don’t know why, out of spite or because someone just didn’t agree (which is NOT a good reason to flag a review). They usually gave good ratings, about 7,8,9, and they thoroughly explained what the reviewer liked or didn’t like, and why.
This is the proof that nobody “official” checks these things, they happen automatically. Because if they had checked, they would surely have un-hidden those beautiful reviews that got unfairly flagged.
UPDATE: Well, I found the drama and I sorted reviews by “earliest”.
The drama started airing, as I found out from the web, on April 9, 2021.
And yet, look at those:

So you see there are many that hadn’t been reported. Nobody can have the patience to go through all the pages, it’s a boring and thankless job. I also stopped after page 18 and I still haven’t found yours!
I don’t know whether I was person n. 1, or n.2, or n.3, who flagged them, but I saw later that the ones of the first couple of pages that I had flagged, were now hidden. Please go and check too.

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I had a very long conversation with the viki support about this. Way too many people give 10 stars after one ep or even before watching. The entire star system is a scam.
Problem is we are supposed to report them. But they couldn’t explain to me what we are supposed to report them for.
High ratings mean more people become interested means more money for viki so they wont do anything about it.


Yes but the fake reviews don’t always mean good ratings. What if it’s a fake review with bad rating (for not being available in one’s region, not having one’s language translated etc.)?

This is interesting. How does one give a review before it’s started airing?

Viki makes it possible. You can go and write
“Oh, since my favourite actor is in it, I’m sure it will be awesome” and give 10 stars.
“I see it’s not available in my region. Boohooo!” and give 1 star.

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Interesting. Thanks for the info.