What Is Subtitle Style And Why Does It Not Work?!

After the latest update to the mobile app, I’ve noticed a change in the interface with new options too. One of them is Subtitle Style. Whenever I tap it, though, the app stops working. Why? Also, what does it do? I thought VIKI relied on Captions within device settings.



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Maybe it is for changing the subtitle’s appearance?

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That hasn’t been working for a while now, and I have to click on [close app] to go back to the drama. Maybe is a ‘‘bug’’ or they are making changes, and is the reason why is no longer working. It does have an option to [send feedback] but I didn’t bothered with it bc I feel they never pay attention to our feedback, and do whatever they want anyway.

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@adrianmorales whenever you are dealing with technical issues and post here try to tag a VikiCommunity persons for a faster reading for example @mariliam (sorry I tagged you again).
Best, Simi

Also check the community help forum with issues, perhaps other persons have written about the same thing. https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/115000556247

Also I stumbled over this link that explains the mobile settings: https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/articles/201242340

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Thank you so much. Yes, I know about Captions within the device settings. I’m using the Google subtitles from my android phone to change the appearance of the text. This, however, is something different. It would be nice to know what…

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asianmusicguy posted this July 17, 2019 under help center:
the default subtitle style is closed caption style and it looks bad always has been so on the site i change it to a white on transparent background which is actually the default standard these days for most places except the issue is in app for example I use firetv and you can not configure this setting so I am asking that you allow us to set the subtitle configuration via the device or sync viki.com subtitle choices across all devices

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You might be getting your wish. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

I just updated my Viki app and it still says Subtitle Appearance, not Subtitle Style.

I think it’s only on android devices right now. And it’s not working there, either. I’m still waiting for an official response.