What is the title of your favorite drama?

Hello everyone! :grin:

I made this post because I’m pretty curious. :eyes:
I want to know which is your favorite drama?

Mine is « Goblin : the lonely and great god » :hearts:

Your turn!

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BIG with Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo. It was the first SK drama that got me hooked with k-dramas. Is like your first love that you never forget how many years pass by. BIG was my first love for K-dramas.

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If I start talking about my favorites kdramas you’ll regret asking, hehe. So, this is my favorite cdrama: When a snails falls in love.

Ps. Goblin is cute, what’s your favorite thing about it?

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Why did I never heard of that drama? I love Gong Yoo I must watch it nooow! Thanks for your answer I have one more drama to see! :grin:

P.S ; Sorry if I do some mistakes, I speak french.

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(I speak french sorry if I do some mistakes )

I saw a bit of this Cdrama, it was great. The only thing is that I prefer korean language, hehe.

For Goblin, I loved every single thing of it. It made me laugh and cry so hard (yeah I’m a softy…). And the OST is as perfect as the drama. The thing that is pretty cool is that some of the scene was shot in Québec, where I am from.

What’s your favorite thing about When a snails falls in love?

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Don’t worry, I know how you feel. My native language is spanish so I make mistakes too.

I remember watching Goblin with my mom, we cried and laughed a lot (and I sang the ost Who are you all the time).

Well, about When a snails falls in love… I love how the thrill and the crimes develop at the same time the romance grow (the couple is freaking cute), but nothing fells out of place or like an interference.

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You have to, it’s really good. Gong Yoo, is a great actor and he really did an amazing job in this drama. They have it here and I suggest you watch it now before they take it down like they always do with good dramas.

There’s no need to apologize you’re doing just fine. The more you write and practice the faster you’ll catch up. But like I said, you’re doing just fine. Here’s the link. I started watching it again bc I love that drama and the OST is so perfect in the drama. You’ll see.


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Oh! Thank you! I’ll watch this one ASAP!

I’m sure I’ll love it seeing the way you talk about it!

And thank you for your support hehe!

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Goblin is one of my favorites, but my ultimate favorite, the one that has forever stolen a place in my heart, is Scarlet Heart Ryeo. It was my first saeguk and my first Kdrama I finished. As for Cdramas, my favorite as of now is Tribes and Empires. I haven’t finished watching it, but I am loving it!

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There is Orange Marmalade(Bonus it has vampires) and Hello Dear Ancestors (This one is more of a time travel but there are undertones, but it does not focus on reincarnation as a whole) , Scarlet heart.(This one is amazing, the Korean Version only has one season, but the Chinese version has two seasons, both dealing with reincarnation and time travel, I love it, but personally not my type of flow ect, but give it a chance it is pretty amazing!) Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter this was is all about reincarnation, it is pretty damn amazing! I Cannot Hug You is pretty amazing! It has vampires, but not the traditional one, while watching the main lead is kind bratty? but she does evolve as the series goes on, so if you give it chance, it does get better, and it has an amazing concept, and to me I found the romance, and comedy just very good, and the guy lead is an amazing actor, this drama is on my top 10. The show The Love Knot: His Excellencys First Love (Moonshine and Valentine) is really great! it deals with reincarnation of his lover over and over again. It is also a fantasy! The ending is a great plot twist! Somehow 18 is also really amazing, deals with time travel.
Oh! My Emperor is by far my favorite on the list. It deals with time travel and minor reincarnation(The last episode). All in all this one is the best one on the list in my opinion! It is kind of childsih, but a great drama if you are looking for something with a lot of humor, love, romance and all around family undertones. It has fantasy and adventure, and some really amazing actors and the twist at the end it just beautifully made. It did not feel as if they threw something at the very last moment, but that is my personal opinion, but IT IS AMAZING! Gu Family book! Is also amazing! The only thing I did not like was the ending seemed sloppy and just like it was thrown in at the last moment. I feel as if they should have made another video afterwards but that is me personally. It is really great tho, a lot of great characters and will pull at your heart strings, but also make you feel like “what the hell were they thinking” 10 out 10. Shopping King Louie ok this on is AMAZING, PERFECT, and all in all great comedy and acting. Clean with passion for now really good, great acting and great story-line and 10 out of 10, a hilariously made. Beauty inside No words can define how much I love this drama. Great concept, and at some parts will make you wish you could just hug him/her and then make you just smile. Worth the watch. Splash Splash Love is pretty good, short, sweet and simple.

*Most of the dramas deal with fantasy, time travel and reincarnation, reason being to me I am more of a fantasy, sci fy and comedy fantasy type person.

The more serious dramas, mainly dealing with vampires.
Vampire flower ok this one was not horrible?? but if you like twilight this is perfect, if you are like me that hates twilight then you will not like this, but the acting is not bad per say. It it is at least better then twilight.
Love in time again ok, not bad personally not on my top 10 but it is what ever like it has great plot.
Blood is just amazing, no words can describe it, it has thrilling concepts and a whole originality type thing, to me some parts like ok we seen this before over and over, but with most dramas it is bound to happen. Most korean dramas can seem to overlap (Most don’t but some do).
The Scholar Who Walks the Night No words, just amazing. ACTING WISE is amazing, they picked the right people.
Vampire Detective It is a great drama, if you are looking for something that is good but easily figured out, not a complex drama but it will do. Pretty good.
The journey Pretty good, I really don’t have anything to say, but there is a lot of fighting and acting is good.

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I have like 5 but I just want to mention 2 of them. One of them is Tomorrow With You, the one makes me so sad because it’s an underrated one. And the other one is Kill It, it’s a quite new drama but I really love every minute of it. <3