What Is Your Animal Personality? ~ Quiz

Answer these multiple choice questions to see what your animal personality is. Don’t forget to keep track of the letters that go with your answer, those will be needed at the end! Enjoy!

  1. Your friend asks you for advice about how to manage their time better, what advice do you give her/him?

A. Stay focused, don’t let anything distract you and you’ll be fine.

B. Who cares about time management, watch a drama instead

C. I can’t even manage my own time, how will I be able to help you?

D. Create a list, lists are the best way to help you manage time.

F. What? I can’t hear you I’m wasting my time watching dramas.

G. You’re pathetic.

  1. What is your go-to drama?

A. Goblin

B. Healer

C. The Heirs

D. W

E. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

F. Hotel Del Luna

G. I don’t have a go-to drama

  1. You’ve noticed that you’re more sleepy than usual, based on your extensive knowledge of medicine (thanks to dramas) you conclude…

A. You are going to die

B. Umm… Hold up. I don’t watch medical dramas

C. That you are obviously incapable of going to work today, so you call in sick

D. You just have a minor cold, nothing to worry about

E. Who said that I even watch dramas?

F. You have allergies

G. It’s nothing, you just went to bed at 4 am

  1. What’s your opinion of Kpop?

A. What’s Kpop?

B. Yea, it’s okay

C. It’s awful

D. I love it!

E. I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole, I’m choosing to stay out of it

F. “I’m so sorry but it’s fake love, fake love fake lo-” Oh, hello there, ARMY 4 life

G. I only wanted to know their names…

  1. How long do you think it took me to make this?

A. 10 min

B. Why is this a question?

C. I don’t know, and to be frankly honest, I don’t care

D. I don’t know how long it took, but thank you for making it

E. 0 min - You probably got it off the internet somewhere

F. …What and Why?

G. 15 min

  1. What is your favorite actor?

A. Lee Min Ho

B. Lee Dong Wook

C. Why are there so many “Lees”

D. Yoo In Na

E. Lee Jong Suk

F. IU is QUEEN!!

G. I don’t have a favorite actor

  1. What is your favorite animal?

A. Spiders - although most find them creepy, I love them

B. Kittens/Cats - My babies rule!

C. Myself - What?! I’m an animal too!

D. I don’t have one

E. Butterflies - They’re so beautiful and graceful

F. Horses - They are so strong and I admire them a lot

G. Dogs - Human’s best friend (No discrimination here, we respect all)

  1. Are you in a relationship?

A. Yes

B. Yes, but I think it might end soon

C. Who needs other people when you are better than everyone else?

D. Nope, single pringle here!

E. Do you mean dating or friendship…?

F. I just got out of one, so not right now…

G. I am dating my work

  1. What is your favorite time of day?

A. Midnight

B. Sunrise

C. Witching Hour

D. Dusk

E. Mid-Day

F. Morning

G. I don’t have one

  1. Did you enjoy this?

A. Again with the weird questions… really?

B. Yes, it was a lot of fun. Thanks!

C. No, this was an absolute waste of my time

D. Sorta

E. I don’t have an opinion

F. I was just bored, so idk…

G. You’re one weird human being…


Mostly A : Hedgehog - You’re cute but can be a little prickly

Mostly B : Deer - You are a precious and a gracious person

Mostly C : Snake - You scare many people due to your toxic attitude (No offence)

Mostly D : Flamingo - You are graceful and forgiving person who accepts people easily

Mostly E : Frog - you are all over the place and can adapt to any environment

Mostly F : Wolf - You are not afraid to speak your mind and share your thoughts

Mostly G : Panda - You like to sleep and eat

Tell me what you chose down in the comments! I loved making this, it took some time, but it was worth it! love you all!


Haha, so I’m a flamingo, but very close to deer and snake, with traits of frog, wolf and panda! :rofl:


Don’t forget hedgehog because you like to hog all the answers! …I’ll get my hat.

it’s not on here but my animal personality is
Squirrel - you (be) like nuts.


Lol … that was really the only one for which I didn’t get any points. :joy:


ok I always thought wolf, now you tell me deer, b ut tjhat descriptiopn is good too! I did like your questions


:joy::joy: Panda :panda_face:
Now you’ve completely caught me :face_with_hand_over_mouth::sweat_smile::joy::joy:
It was fun :grin::grin:


My D and G were the same amount, therefore my conclusion is that I mixed with Flamingo and Panda. Therefore I am graceful and a forgiving person who accepts people easily, however, I like to sleep and eat. I do wish Park Seo Joon was on the list for favorite Actor/Actress! :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if it’s ever been mentioned to you before, but lately I’ve been seeing Native Americans, First Nations, and Indigenous People, asking others not to call things their spirit animals.
From the article linked below
64. Don’t even think about calling anyone/anything your spirit animal.


Thank you for telling me, I was not aware of this and I’m sorry if it offended you in any way. I will acknowledge this and refrain from saying things are people’s spirit animals. Again, I’m sorry if I offend you in any way, I will be more careful in the future.


Thank you for changing the title. :smile:
I got mostly D’s - Flamingo


Every morning I get up and see myself at the mirror I keep thinking the bags under my eye are panda, now its even scientifically proven that IM A PANDA…ill take it :panda_face:


Interesting, I have not heard that one!

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This may be off topic but it works take a cold raw potato from fridge cut 2 pieces round enough to cover your eyes especially --’’ under your eye bags’’ You will feel a ‘‘tingly’’ sensation. Leave it on as long as possible. Do it for one week straight. It works for me and many members of my family.

It’s more effective for dark circle under the eyes.


Oh now thats a great idea, thank you. I will try that and let you know if it worked.


D and B

I agree with the result. Thank you; it was fun.

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I’m a FLAMINGO!!! (Y isn’t there a flamingo emoji?) Anyways, I enjoyed this quiz a lot. Thx for making it.

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Sadly there isn’t.


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Sadly :sob:

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:panda_face: How did you know?! :thinking: :rofl::rofl: :rose:


I saw the word ARMY and switched off lol :joy:
Nope I chose too many different ones that I’m tied at D and F :sweat_smile: