What is your Favorite Name for Our Subtitle TEAMS - They Crack Me Up! And We Thank Them!💙


Double Life Team


Honey Stewed Squid

So cute! and funny too! hahah


The Hot BloodSuckers Team


I loved reading these end credits in Love and Destiny

It’s so sweet! :heart_eyes:


It’s most likely the work of DeadliftDiva_548 :wink:

It’s worth also checking the outro song in the last episode of an excellent Chinese drama The Story of Ming Lan, if it’s still available in your regions.


That was also the very first thing that came to my mind :grin:


@shraddhasingh Hahaha me too. Thought It sounded like her :blush:
Very clever :smile:


That is so cute! I love the creativity and individuality they’re giving the team!


Try to :heart: Team


:scissors: :straight_ruler: Cut and Sew :jeans: :tshirt:


We just had a watch party for Princess Agents, and I just found the name of the subtitle team so beautiful.

The Dancing Fingers

It describes beautifully what our finger are doing while we type all of those word for the subtitles. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The Ghosties :ghost:


Haven’t watched it, but the name stood out to me

🩺 Therapy Plays Your Heart :violin:


:page_with_curl:The Killer’s Shopping List​:shopping_cart:


:vampire:t2: Deadly Kiss Team🩸


I was just about to mention this :laughing: The subtitle team name is so cute for Kissable Lips!


:clinking_glasses: The Ginger Ale :clinking_glasses: Team

I just started watching this so idk if it has anything to do with the drama (I doubt) but I thought this was funny.
Edit 1: Nvm it’s related to the story…it’s still a funny team name tho


“So I Married the Anti-Fan”, I remember I found the name “Hatefully Yours Team” really witty :smiley:
I love good old wordplay :wink:


wow love this one


This is hilarious! lol