What is your Favorite Name for Our Subtitle TEAMS - They Crack Me Up! And We Thank Them!๐Ÿ’™


Double Life Team


Honey Stewed Squid

So cute! and funny too! hahah


The Hot BloodSuckers Team


I loved reading these end credits in Love and Destiny

Itโ€™s so sweet! :heart_eyes:


Itโ€™s most likely the work of DeadliftDiva_548 :wink:

Itโ€™s worth also checking the outro song in the last episode of an excellent Chinese drama The Story of Ming Lan, if itโ€™s still available in your regions.


That was also the very first thing that came to my mind :grin:


@shraddhasingh Hahaha me too. Thought It sounded like her :blush:
Very clever :smile:


That is so cute! I love the creativity and individuality theyโ€™re giving the team!


Try to :heart: Team


:scissors: :straight_ruler: Cut and Sew :jeans: :tshirt: