What is your favorite romance/drama with nice women?


What is your favorite romance or drama with nice women? It doesn’t have to be Kdrama
I get tired of the cruelty some of the dramas have, the horrid mother-in-law, the nasty love rival. The worst ones I add to my collection The Women We Love to Hate, but I’d like a few more dramas to add to my to watch list, and my collection Romance without the Bit@hes


First one of the worst MILs of all time, but I guess there are still worse ones.

I won’t say that one or two of them could get bitchy at times, but they had a bond of fellowship rarely to be found between 4 women in one drama.

I don’t remember a real one, maybe one outside the family members …

What do others think, since I tend to either stop or ignore the character so maybe my memory fails me?


Thank you. :blush:
The Legendary Witch isn’t available in my area so I can’t even add it to my collection, I wonder why they changed that a few months ago (or at least I seem to remember we use to be able to add them)


this one didn’t have any long-standing bad characters so I liked it a lot…I love dramas where humanity is the only ‘enemy’, and they change for the better :sweat_smile: they are usually dramas which can carry themselves solely on the strength of the plot and don’t have to have monster-ish characters to drag the plot on

18 Again has lots of lovely parents, and even the ‘bad’ ones change for the better :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

again, very nice mother-in-laws :heart_eyes:

the bad character is played for laughs in Touch Your Heart so I wouldn’t classify her as a b***, she’s just dumb and comical

i might be wrong but I don’t remember any bad women in Healer

don’t remember any in this one either, lovely grandma-in-law :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The mother actually wished for her son to hook up with the main girl.

Nice female second lead, very nice and civil about it all. But maybe it’s cheating, because she couldn’t care less for the first male lead.


Yes, I liked Chae Soo Bin as the second female lead, she was pretty nice…but I remember a very bad queen in the drama(she tries to get a male heir and throw Lee Young out…when she has a daughter she abandons her and steals another woman’s baby?) so I didn’t include it since she isn’t a nice woman


I actually put Love in the Moonlight in my Women We Love to Hate collection because of the Queen. I really didn’t like her. :slight_smile:

I do love What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim though, I’ll double check if it’s in my collection.


I had completely forgotten about her, LOL! Not a memorable character probably.


I remember her because of that scene where the baby she abandoned and left for dead is brought back by the Prince and the baby is crying so pitifully and the Prince is confronting her about her crime and cold-heartedness
I was bawling at that point, I felt so bad for the poor baby girl crying so heart-breakingly and so angry at how heartless the Queen was being that it stuck in my head :sweat_smile:


Some of the queens in the historical dramas are so over the top evil. It’s nice to have something light after. :slight_smile:


This movie is chef’s kiss! And it is 100% b*** free!


LMAO 100%! I lived for that sh*t! That just made the drama even better imo :joy:

Like I almost expected her to tell the brother/2nd male lead to back off. :joy:


It’s been so long since I watched Whatcha Wearin’, I’ll add it to my collection. Thank you.

Me too, I love it when the women support each other instead of trying to destroy one another


The grandmother was so SWEET and so was her MOM. There was a side witch but she redeems

Momentary maybe witchyness but not much by the mom

I love this show and no witches that I see so far

I don’t remember meddling family in Meow


You think the other woman in Fated to Love You redeemed herself? I can’t get past her causing the miscarriage and all the resulting pain. Although I do really like the drama.


I felt like it was really him not being able to tell the girl about his illness that caused that accident But I guess yes, it could be viewed that way but she did apologize to him and I just loved how the grandmother loved her and her mother loved him not typical.

I guess While You Were Sleeping didn’t really have any witches!


I agree, I loved the supportive grandmother, she’s one of the best in kdramas. I also really liked the grandfather in 1% of Something, but that one also has a nasty woman competing for the ML’s love. I wish there were more dramas with supporting parents and reasonable rejected loves.


Chinese Dramas that I have started watching do no usually have a witch. Maybe a rival but not witchy parents!

Love is Sweet is good but it is needing to be requested on Viki