What is your most unforgettable K-drama moment?


It’s really hard to choose, but this is a start! So many K-dramas have storylines that stick with you long after you’ve finished watching, but even more have that one moment that you never quite forget.

It could be a cool entry, a devastating loss or a hilarious joke etc


Goblin - Google Play store




Park Seo Joon - Fight my way - When he gets jealous and throws a rock at his adversary, then gets in a taxi with ‘his’ girl and huffs away. I died! :rofl: :joy: :sunglasses: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


the aaegyo queen ae ra that was reaaly funny too :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


This picture speaks for itself, see y’all…Imma watch that another million times.


The very last scene of Reply 1988 where the main casts become kids again.
That drama will always be my no. 1


a cast full of K-pop idols, that will make you dance too


I LOVED Hwarang! I actually went out and got it on disk to add to my collection so I can still watch it when the license expires. Yep! Idols to the front* and *actors, who can’t dance worth a hoot to the the rear! :laughing:


The first time I saw a Joseon Military outfit - WOW! LOVE LOVE LOVE that hat!

I like the military outfits way better than the ‘yangban - gentry’ clothing. Well, really, I LOVE the hat. :rofl: :heart_eyes:


The first time I discovered K drama and felt like a young kid given a batch of wonderful candies.

BIG - The scene were spirit of second lead has to say goodbye to his first love (teacher Ran). They are in the kitchen he tries to eat but can’t… as he (Gong Yoo) sobs uncontrollably.

Secret Garden - When Huyn Bin is rescued by Ha Ji Won’s dad and tragic unfolds.


ohhh another opening for my military clothes fetish :joy::joy:
In my first saeguk, I just fell in LOVE with these fighting/semi-military outfits:

damnnn those twirling fight scenes were so cool to watch.:star_struck:


In Reply 1988, when Jung Hwan realizes that it was his hesitation that always kept him away from Deok Sun. I cried my heart out. I have never felt so bad for any character in a k-drama.

In Reply 1988, when Deok Sun starts meowing at Jung Hwan’s leg when he gets a cramp XD Too cute.

In Moon Lovers, the minute I saw all the princes taking off their clothes and going for a bath in the first episode itself. OMG. Like my jaw literally dropped.

In CLOY, when Hyun Bin started pouting when Ye Jin starts giving finger hearts to everyone. Quite cute.

In What’s wrong with Secretary Kim, when ever he says ‘AURA’ XD

In Strong Woman Do Bong Soo, when she says ’ Good Night Min Min’ and he starts rolling over the entire bed.

And many more :hugs:


Oh yea! That was a really good show. Like what would YOU do in that situation? Even though you love the soul - that face is attached to it and it would be extremely difficult to separate the two and see the soul with a different face. Dealing with that is skitzo-y.

Well YEA! Those guys are HOT! :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy: (Especially that middle guy. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: )


i know!! I was so glad that the writers didn’t spoil his second lead character by making him hanker after the main girl. He was just a really really good friend to both MLs and stood well on his own too so I could just focus on his amazing looks and acting and fall in love with him without any angst over who gets the girl and whether the other will be hurt.



Hey! I just noticed this! Middle guy (Is he Kwak Dong Yeon?) has the right side of his robe crossing over the left! I don’t know about Korean customs in this regard but in Japan, only dead people have robes crossed right over left.
hmmm. Come to think of it, Korean saeguk clothing are all left over right and so are Chinese dynastic clothing so this must be the equivalent of Star Trek extra’s shirt color - meaning, ‘he’s gonna die in this episode.’ Did his character die in this show? I don’t remember. It’s been awhile since I saw Love in the Moonlight. I mainly remember him sitting up in the rafters, looking down in disdain at eunich-girl. :joy:


Yup :grin:
wow, I’ve watched only two or three saeguks and never noticed that! :scream:
Middle guy almost, ALMOSTTT dies…idk how he even survived but he did. I cried my eyes out thinking he was dead and almost didn’t watch the rest of the episodes.
That ‘fake’ death scene was another unforgettable moment :exploding_head::exploding_head:


I’ve watched I don’t know HOW many saeguks and before that a whole TON of classic Japanese mid-20th century Film. (And Godzilla and Mothra movies :rofl:) I was too busy watching Love in the Moonlight to pay attention to the way Kwak Dong Yeon was dressed until this still image. It was the first thing I noticed - it JUMPED out at me. “? Huh? Why is he dressed like a dead guy? He ain’t dead.” :rofl:

Oh! My poor mother! But it was her OWN FAULT! She KNEW BETTER! One time when I was a kid, (Back in the 1960’s) I came home and said, "Hola Mothra! Como estas?

She smiled and said, How sweet, you are speaking Spanish.

me = :smirk: - So after that, I greeted her that way all the time. :joy: :sunglasses:

(We never sat in chairs as kids - those were for the adults) All us kids were laying on the front room floor watching Godzilla versus Mothra! They were going after each other pretty well. Godzilla was destroying a miniature Tokyo a-gain while Mothra was flapping it’s wings and making weird noises. My mom poked her head around the corner to see what we were doing. There was MOTHRA fighting Godzilla! In full BLACK AND WHITE GLORY!

She squeeked and said, "You BEAST CHILD! and swatted me. :rofl: (My mom really had a phobia about flapping moths. :rofl: :sunglasses: ) “And here all this time, I thought you were being a sweet daughter greeting me in Spanish.” :rofl:

Ow GAWD! I had to go look up the trailer and forgot just how CHEEZY-bad it was! Yea, we were watching the original Godzilla movies.

I remember in one of the early ('54-'72 versions) there was a really cute guy. _I have no idea what his name was. - I’d have to watch all of those old movies to find his picture. :grin: One of these days when I have time to kill, I’ll have to look up my first celebrity crush. (from an old-time Godzilla movie ) :rofl: :sunglasses:

AND the last Godzilla movie I watched was when Godzilla destroyed NEW YORK!. :rofl:


Anyone who’s not an insider might now report you for spam. :rofl:


ele é o meu preferido com essa roupa!! como ele ficou lindo!! sensual…
Os homens vestidos assim são outro nível!