What is your source of joy/😨 when watching dramas?

:heart: Joy:

:grinning: Number 1: Nothing better than a good Asian song or catchy OST!

:slightly_smiling_face: Number 2: Keeping on-edge feeling with Korean thrillers. Crazy stories and psycho.

:fearful: Rebukes:

:thinking: Number 1: cheesy romance


Ranges > pretty much depends on what I have been feeling lately lol. These past few months am stuck with romance, I loved the cheesy romance angle, but now I want passionate romance and stuff so kinda stuck and annoyed that I can’t find anything, meh. what about you?

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Yeaah, I find so too! I’d like passion, flames and all the sparks and fireworks :sparkling_heart:
It’s cute and light, true :slight_smile:

I can’t recommend you anything sadly, I am in the same predicament :stuck_out_tongue:

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Passionate love?? You might like some of these:
…most melos have passionate romances instead of cheesiness…

Recommending from experience, Go Back Couple is one of the most heartwarming dramas ever. Rom-Com kdramas are the most famous so gems like these aren’t recognized. UNDERPOPULAR as heck(it’s rating is 9.6 on Viki). The romance is not passionate but it’s really meaningful…

This is at the top of my watchlis rn:

Hope you find something you love :slight_smile: Tell me if you do!

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@muskan_bishnu_387 Nice to see you on this Viki discussion.

@piranna I love happy endings as they give me warm. fuzzy feelings. I can forgive all the tropes if I see a great ending! Unfortunately, my blood pressure and stress level can’t take the scary thrillers anymore. I used to live on scary mysteries! Now I mostly indulge on romances as I can’t have ice cream anymore because of sugar LOL. I also love a beautiful OST, and I play “Anyone of Us Can Make a Stupid Mistake” from Meteor Garden in our car.

For passionate love:

I know mushkan has watched Love O2O, Before We get Married and 1% of Something. :star_struck:

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woah the drama April Snow has piqued my interest :heart_eyes: does it really have a happy ending??? I just read the synopsis and it looks like it has a seriously impossible love triangle :flushed::flushed:


The metaphors and clues in April Snow are so subtle that you must be a keen observer to pick them up! I don’t want to give spoilers, but I did add it to my Happy Endings 2 collection as well as my Skinship collection. Those shows only have happy endings: https://www.viki.com/collections/2696158l-skinship There is minimal dialogue so one must watch these clues carefully:

  1. When they are on the beach.
  2. All clues near the ending.
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You’re lucky because you can find your happiness in Kdramas. Some are fulfilling, not bad endings (no death or the girl finishes with the main guy). Def for people looking for romance or a kind of romance, I think Kdramas are perfect for them. Usually no violence, no nudity, no sex, no drugs, not out of line, the CEO guy or accident with the guy/the kind girl. It’s calm, platonic or savior/love-hate relationships, cute.

I think the words cute and platonic describe them for me.


It’s rated R though, I just checked :frowning:i’m underage

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Rated R: Restricted Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.

I think other shows like Scum’s Wish should be rated R but it’s only PG-13. Before We Get Married is the same as April Snow in my opinion and it’s rated PG-13.

For those who haven’t watched these:

Just a note: her fiance is not successful or devoted.

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:joy::joy:Some of these summaries are quite misleading :wink:

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