What Kind of Drama is Your Cup of Tea? ~ ☕

Thanks! I’ll defiantly look into it! The story line looks really interesting.

Me too, I keep on forgetting. When I remember that I need to water them, my mind is like “But you have that other drama you really wanted to watch…” Long story short, I never water my plants…

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ahhh i feel so priviledged to still be a teen with less worries :joy:

@_aurora_rose me too! it’s nice talking to all these amazing unnies and discussing our different tastes!

Same, I’m so glad that I’m a teen. I don’t know what I want to do with my life yet, as of now, it’s watch dramas for a living, which probably won’t work. :rofl:


LOL You know the song lyrics? Those were the days my friend, we thought they never end, we’d sing and dance forever and a day. We’d live the life we choose. We’d fight and never lose for we were young and sure to have our way … (Mary Hopkin)

Well you as a teen experience this situation now and back in my time as a teen there was the so called “Cold War”, Chernobyl, waldsterben (just found another German word making it into English), …

Enjoy your time as a teen, every time in one’s life needs to be lived properly and enjoyed properly.


I feel terribly tired these days, but if I want to eat raspberries I need to give them water, if I want to use my herbs in the kitchen - water, don’t ask about the plants in the house, actually not eatable so water supply for those are always a little late. Thankfully not too many plants are in the house.

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Me Too! (P.S. Did you watch Meteor Garden yet?)

Maybe if you sub them … or if you’re someone who decides whether your company will buy the rights for a certain drama or not (then again, you probably wouldn’t watch the whole drama …) or if you’re the director or … Haha, be careful, you might have to watch so many dramas that you wish for a life without them! :wink: But, yeah, if you’re lucky there might be a way …

Sounds interesting.

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well I found my"drama" today its on amazon prime called dripping chocolate. edge of my seat, twists & turns! and the killer isn’t who I thought it was. this one is from BBC, australia, it does have subs. anyway, it kept me guessing!

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As the years pass, I prefer more serious K-drama. Complex storylines, well-planned chapters, thought-provoking dialogue, articulate & developing characters who contemplate belief systems, philosophical-thought, mortality, inner struggles of ethics & morals, with delving conversations or voiceover thoughts-to-themselves, and when possible utmost use of clever idioms or cultural-belief references (e.g. Confucianism).

The Banker
Circle: Two Worlds Connected
Money Flower
My Mister
Stranger (Secret Forest)

Some of my fave drama moments were the thoughts and conversations between the Documentarian, Lee Eun-Jung, and the apparition of her dead lover in Melo is My Nature, not to be missed scenes.


My favorite genres are:

  • Family
  • Sageuk
  • Law
  • Action
  • Romantic (comedy)

My least favorite genres are:

  • Horror
  • Science fiction
  • Comedy with too much slapstick humor/toilet humor
  • Makjang
  • Drama’s with too many unnecesary misunderstandings
  • Drama’s where a weak person is disrespected without consequences.

I like the kind of drama’s where the main character struggles in the beginning and others even can work against him, but he will overcome it to become stronger.

All the dramas I liked are in my followed list, but here’s my top 10 so far in no particular order. Only my favorite drama is on the number 1 spot:

  1. It’s okay that’s love
  • Defendant
  • I’ll go to you when the weather is nice
  • Mama
  • Reply 1988
  • School 2013
  • Squad 38
  • The hours of my life J-drama
  • The king’s doctor aka horse doctor
  • Tree with deep roots

Wife can’t stand smell of coffee so only tea permitted in the house.

Drama type: Rom-Coms for the feels mixed with fantasy for the entertainment, any genres that includes:
Character has superpower of any sort like super human strength, is psychic
Magic / magical items or animals
Robot/android/cyborgs/High technology
Ghost gf/bf
Time travel / character is 1000 years old.
Period dramas? Sure, of the Wuxia kind. Super human martial arts, leaping silently onto roof tops, mid air sword fights, Guzheng sonic attacks, Taoist sorcery
(guess I don’t take dramas seriously :thinking:)

Top 4 of 10 (alphabetical order)
Bloody Romance - C
Hotel del Luna - K
I am not a robot - K
Time Taxi - J

No dislike drama list. If I can critique why a show/film was bad, the acting, poor editing, scripting, frustration trigger, rubbish camera work etc then it’s all good in my books!

Dislikes in dramas:
Frustrating plot triggers, where you shout “don’t do it! It will go horribly wrong!” but they do it anyway or the inverse of that, they don’t say something at a critical point that could clear up the situation instantly, causing episode after episode of grief for the character and frustration for the viewer.

Likes in drama:
Good cinematography. (like in A Piece Of Your Mind :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) Can change the look and feel of a show completely if they get it wrong. Even if the show’s bad, but hey, at least you got eye candy.
Blending Manga artwork into a live drama. In Bloody Romance (c-drama) for backstory or dream sequence they used lightly animated artwork stylised in Chinese calligraphy brush strokes.
Augmented reality graphics. Used mainly in comedy situations where they add AR ‘cartoon’ special effects. As long as it’s not a substitute for poor comedy, totally fine with me coming over from anime watching. (Dramas- I find your lack of giant mecha robots disturbing :rofl:)
Favourite audio effect: When character blinks in disbelief / flutter eyelids they add “bloop, bloop” sound.