What Kind of Drama is Your Cup of Tea? ~ ☕

Keep in mind, we all have different preferences, and the things I like may not be the same as the things you enjoy and vice versa. Thank you for understanding! Now time for the tea! :coffee:

My favorite genres include:

  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • Law (not political)

My favorite dramas include:

  • W
  • Touch Your Heart
  • Extraordinary You
  • Suspicious partner
  • While You Were Sleeping

What I like in a drama is a good plot and character development throughout the drama. I know it sounds boring, but in my opinion a drama wouldn’t be interesting if the characters never learned anything or had any new experiences. I also like an original story, one that interests me because It’s not cliche, so I don’t know what will happen next.

My least favorite genres include:

  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • Political

Least favorite dramas: (I didn’t hate these dramas, they just weren’t my cup of tea)

  • Orange Marmalade - too many flashbacks, very confusing
  • A Piece of Your Mind - story was okay but confusing

I don’t like dramas that drag along for 60 or so episodes, I prefer a good 12-16 episode drama. I tend to stay away from dramas that take themselves too seriously, like hardcore political dramas that only focus on backstabbing and revenge. I do admit a little of that is fine, but when it’s the only thing going on in the drama all the time, it gets old and becomes too predictable. I like dramas that have a straight forward plot, where I know what’s going on, and it doesn’t jump between flashbacks or the past constantly. If I don’t understand the story I can’t invest in the story or characters, and then I have no point watching it.

What do you like in a drama?
What do you not like in a drama?

Again, please respect everyone’s opinions, we all like different things.


I don’t really have one particular favourite, cause I think every genre could offer something good. But some I especially like are:

  • horror (especially the kind with that special atmosphere)
  • dramas with psychological depth
  • psychological thrillers
  • some comedies (only if they are really funny and the story is good)
  • BL

Some of my favourites:

  • Healer
  • Master’s Sun
  • Because Of You 2020
  • Scum’s Wish
  • Sumika Sumire
  • Amensalism
  • History
  • Behind Your Smile
  • Easy Fortune, Happy Life
  • The Novelist
  • Mood Indigo
  • Frankenstein’s Love
  • I Am Not A Robot
  • I Have A Lover
  • That Winter, The Wind Blows
  • Born Again
  • Train To Busan

I like atmosphere, psychology, a good storyline …

I’m usually not a big fan of the genre action, but there can be exceptions.

I don’t like toilet humour in dramas.

Oh, and I love tea! :wink:


I like any type of drama that has action packed scenes and a interesting story line. I can watch Korean, Chinese or Japanese dramas but in all honesty lately, the taiwanese dramas have the combination of everything I like.

Romance, comedy, thriller and action packed scenes is what I like That is why I loved W/Vagabond/ Secret Garden/ Secret/ Heal me, Kill me/ I can hear your voice/ Memories oF Alhambra/Hotel de Luna/ BIG/

Taiwanese; Spring Love/ Easy fortune happy life/Autumn Concerto/ Love Forward/My #1 Miss ROSE/ Devil Beside You/

Japanese: The green Door/ Last Cinderella/Sumika Sumire/My number 1 HOLY BATTLE COLOUR DE ROSE/

What do you not like in a drama?
The dramas when a boy has been raised in the household as a son and he falls in love with HIS SISTER and parents in drama disgustingly want them to get married. I consider that incest. (kill me heal me and to all guys who loved me have that same story line) As a mother of an adopted son that is to me is incomprehensible or acceptable.

Abusive behavior when they give corporal beatings, like when CEO father beats up son in front of staff and no one stops him (Revolutionary Love) Horribly painful to watch that scene.

Mothers mistreating daughters and always favoring the son.

When they belittle woman by husband/mother in law treating them like slaves. Putting them down because of overweight.

ALL eating while making vulgar loud noises, opening their mouth full of food. Burping loud in a table scene.

Bathroom disgusting noises, falls in top of excrements (way too many lately). Toilet/Bathroom scenes has NO PLACE in a drama. This is a private not very clean scenes. Totally gross.

80% if the time in k dramas drunken female carried in guys back a piggy ride. Go to bed with guy, get intimate and don’t remember a thing (some even get pregnant!)

Makes no sense: up to 4 guys after the same ''girl/woman (WAS IT LOVE?) Yes, 4 guys after 1 woman Usually we have 2 (makes some sense) but give me a break.

Tired of seeing second lead that never gets the girl although they are gorgeous looking. and have better chemistry between each other.

The FATE syndrome; They know each other since they were young and everyone in the drama has been connected since birth/childhood. In a country of millions of people?


Breakfast to be accurate in my case at least

My favorite genres include:

  • Law
  • Medical
  • Suspense (any kind of)
  • Rom-Coms
  • so called guilty pleasures, not really a good drama but you will watch it because, you just can’t drop it for what reason ever, or go for the heavy stuff
  • those who are more on the silent side
  • about food
  • have to do with music (it will never count as a mistake to have a good OST)
  • I am a sucker for time travel stories

My favorite dramas include:

  • Just Between Lovers
  • Search WWW
  • On the Way to the Airport
  • My Lovely Kim Sam Soon
  • Faith
  • What’s up Fox?
  • Autumn’s Concerto (certainly from the department guilty pleasure)
  • Heart to Heart (not arguing about how a doctor should treat his patient - count as guilty pleasure LOL)
  • Thank You
  • Nine: 9 Times Time Travel
  • Love & Law (I think I won’t get used to this new title)
  • Smile You
  • Miss Rose TW-Drama
  • Queen of Reversal (finally a woman who does not go back to her ex and even get’s a younger guy, haha - guilty pleasure)
  • Queen In Hyun’s Man, loved it all the way
  • The Great Queen Seon Deok (probably one of the most re-watched historical dramas ever on my list, if you are music enthusiast try Mishils theme …)
  • My Queen TW-drama
  • City Hall (old style rom-com)
  • Cain and Abel (story was all over, but fast and I just couldn’t stop)
  • Master Sun (do I have soft spot for So Ji Sub? I guess :rofl:)
  • Don’t Dare to Dream
  • Marriage Not Dating
  • Heard it through the Grapevine (when the younger generation plays the older one, and the older just can’t win, such dark humor)
  • Five Enough
  • Giant (guilty as guilty pleasure can be)
  • Prosecutor Princess (I just love it - nice times when the balcony prince was just the thing to watch)
  • Vampire Prosecutor I +II, (guilty, more guilty, guyliner, was the word when it aired)
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors
  • Legendary Witch
  • Gloria (singing Gloria, you guessed that right, I am guilty here too)
  • Glorious Day
  • The Greatest Love
  • Padam, Padam
  • King of Dramas (It’s all Anthony’s fault!)
  • Shut Up Flower Boy Band (LOL can’t access any longer, my fountain of youth - OST created with a member of Loveholics, one of the K-bands I like, try Jaywalking)
  • A Wife’s Credentials
  • Two Weeks
  • Bad Love (I would say one of those guilty pleasure, you must really look for a good reason to tell someone why to watch it, maybe better not?)
  • Beyond the Clouds
  • Mama (tissues, you will need them)
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Ms. Temper and Nam Jun Ki (a nice bickering pair - just like the old American screwball comedies 1940-60)
  • Tunnel (I avoid drama’s like this but sometimes I get pulled in, all Choi Jin Hyuk’s fault :wink: )
  • Suspicious Partner
  • Rich Man Poor Woman J-Drama
  • Haeundae Lovers
  • The Bad Family (this is such an old drama, wonder if anyone has seen it, filled with all kind of odd balls to “play” family)
  • The Princess’ Man (that one was a cinematic masterpiece)
  • Sassy Girl, Chun Hyung (can only count as guilty pleasure, even in the old days)
  • Should we Kiss First (not advertising, few have the will to sit this through, as it is by far no easy watch and no easy story either … I just can’t neglect those tortured souls pining for the so called normal life)
  • Devilish Joy
  • Healer
  • Fight For My Way
  • Good Manager
  • Naked Fireman
  • History of Salaryman (ridiculous in a good way)
  • In a Good Way TW-drama
  • D-Day
  • Riders: Catch Tomorrow
  • The Package (I could finally see Mont St. Michel/ France without actually going there. Strongly recommanded if you need some vacation but can’t go anywhere, the story isn’t hurting the landscape - you got me once more, guilty!)
  • Mother
  • Wok of Love
  • Caution, Hazardous Wife J-drama (Just wished at times I could handle life like her - woosh!!!)
  • Beauty Inside
  • Radiant (You need to pay attention to this one while watching!)
  • War of Prosecutors
  • Dr. Romantic I+ II
  • I’ll Go to You When The Weather is Nice
  • Office Girls TW-drama
  • Drunken to Love You TW-drama
  • Yong Jiu Grocery Store TW-drama
  • Taiwan, Hong Kong, China
  • Black and White
  • Mars
  • Sunny Happiness
  • Japan
  • Beautiful Life
  • Change
  • Date
  • Engine
  • Hotaru No Hikani I+II
  • Long Vacation
  • Love of my Life
  • Pride
  • Korea
  • Cloud Stairs G
  • Family’s Honor G
  • Golden Bride G
  • Mr. Goodbye G (I guess my start to like actress Lee Bo Young)
  • Ho Goo’s Love G (such a sweet guy)
  • Ice Girl G
  • If in Love Like Them
  • It’s Okay, It’s Love
  • Kimcheed Radish Cubes
  • Life is Beautiful 63 eps
  • Lovers G
  • Lovers in Prague
  • Master’s Sun
  • Misaeng
  • My Daughter Flower
  • Queen of the Game
  • Best Marriage
  • Terroir
  • Time Between Dog and Wolf
  • New Tales of Gisaeng

The simple guilty pleasures that is easily explained in random order:

  • You Don’t Know Women K (watched this with a bunch of other let’s call us drama enthusiasts, we would watch the raw and guess with our limited Korean what happened and got the translation later but it was always fun) - - Yellow Handkerchief ( one of my longest ever, but the first long one I finished) K - - White Lies K (crazy what you can do if a relationship goes wrong at least if you are a Korean woman) - - Why Did You Come to My House? K (probably the drama with the most piggy backs of the male lead carrying home his lady, just give me injured souls, and I am in) - - Winter Sonata K (of course I only watched it because the OST is so compelling :wink: ) - - Phoenix (the outfits definitely weren’t what made me watch it, I just loved to see that characters could grow and develop, of course K-drama-law, not all of them) - - Secret (Love) (I was always on the edge, saying don’t do it, don’t, but there she goes … ) - - Dr. Gang (counts as guilty pleasure, might be only mine …) - - Second to Last Love I + II, J-Drama (I just like her, LOL she is my role model) - - Protect the Boss (you will have another understanding on “Icecream”, hilarious but fun) - - Last Scandal of my Life (fate and all its glory) - - Scarlet Heart C-Drama (only the first season for me, I try to forget that they made a 2nd season) -

*** I just wrote down after looking at my watch list at Viki, I will need to verify it with my real list, … So many, maybe I will clean it up a bit later, but 12 years of Asian drama, can I only name 3? Haha …
This will probably take a while to finish - editing this later …

What I like in a drama

A well delivered story.

  • Horror
  • too much violence
  • too much blood, except it is a medical drama
  • too much Makjang

i have almost the exact same preferences!
My favourite genres are rom-coms, and thrillers…mostly good strong plots and yes, character development. I hate it when characters become inconsistent and it feels like the writers forgot about them or just changed them to their own liking.
One more thing I DEMAND from every drama I watch is a satisfying, happy ending. It might seem childish, but I think

  1. I get too emotionally involved with the story that I feel sooooo empty afterwards and think of all the what-ifs and what-could-have-beens that it drives me crazy and
  2. the way I think is why have reality in entertainment? I watch stuff to experience things that may never happen in real life. If I must live in reality, at least I can experience a happily-ever-after through drama characters.

My favourite kdramas:

  • Moonlight Drawn By Clouds
  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
  • Suspicious Partner
  • Touch Your Heart
    I love dramas with amazing OSTs, and most of all, well-placed, funny sound effects that just PERFECT some scenes.

Bad endings, sad endings and second lead syndrome(I’ll spare everyone the rant they’ve all become used too)

  • Toilet humour
  • toooooo much importance on first love
  • killing off amazingly developed characters
  • waaaayyyy too embarrassing scenes

Favorite genres:

  • mystery(the fast paced ones that don’t drag and have unnecessary scenes)
  • the occasional web drama(I like the really deep ones)

Favorite dramas:

  • 365: Repeat the Year
  • Queen of Mystery
  • Maybe, Maybe Not

What I don’t like

  • dramas with unnecessary scenes that drag the plot
  • dramas with manipulative characters that don’t have any character development and still get a happy ending
  • rom-coms or comedies with that annoying slapstick

Least Favorite Dramas

  • Love With Flaws
  • Cheese in the Trap
  • I Picked Up a Celebrity on the Street
  • Welcome to Waikiki

love a cuppa tea! Like historical, mysteries, scifi, dramas, romance, comedy, medical,suspense,

  1. healer of course
    2 masters sun
    3 are you human
    4 my lovely kim sam soon
    5 the boss
    6 vampire prosecuter 1&2
    7 ten 1&2
    8 goblin
    9 Black
    10 bride of the water god
    11 delicious chicken
    12 wok of love
    13 that strong woman oneDo Bong Soon
    14 heal me kill me
    15 chinese dramas, at least some of them
    16 Japanese dramas when we get them
    Tawinese dramas same as the 2 before
    17 I can see you ( the older Korean one)
    18 suspicious partner
    19hospital ship
    20 perfect partner
    21 suits, either one
    22faith, dr jin
    23 green door

I forgot, time travel!!

I do like a good story, one that grabs me, sitting at the edge of my chair, like the twists & turns,I do hate the dramas that do drag. they knew each other a long time ago and met again. I hate when people hit others, bullies, accuse others of different things and blame it on others, and I hate those bad endings!

now for my tea!


1-23 I am glad I am not alone with a long list, but I have not counted mine, it isn’t done yet either …

There are so many of you naming this drama, I am stuck at ep 15, 18 minutes in since weeks, months - I am not able to take it up again, nor to drop it … Argh, only happened with one other drama before and I never finished that one.

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Wow that’s a lot of tea! XD

Yes and not even … But it reminded me to look up my average amount of dramas I watch per year.

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waaahaattt?? are you saying all of these are your all-time favourites? That is a serious amount of tea! :joy::no_mouth::astonished:
but wow 12 years is a loooooong time! I’ve literally started only this year!


I only started watching dramas last year, so I’m pretty new too. I love the community here, and I like talking about tea XD


I know what you mean, but in all honesty, that’s part of Asian culture, slurping while enjoying a hot bowl of noodles. :ramen: :sweat_smile:

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You haven’t watched Yanxi Palace, have you? :sweat_smile: :tea:

No, I haven’t watched Yanxi Palace yet…

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Hotel King, Cheer Up, Mr Kim, Fool’s Love. I love anything that follows any of the storylines established by these three epic giants.

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There’s a lot of tea drinking and royal court drama happening, I can tell you that.

Sounds interesting! Maybe I’ll watch it!

Side note: I love tea and everything to do with it :rofl:

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Because my mom was watching it, I watched it too. Highly recommended, and I don’t even like Cdramas. It’s up on VIKI.

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It could be with the last edit - I will still erase some from the list. But later now I have to take care of the German AC haha, so it’s not even 8 am but I have to shut down the house, because the sun is coming around and I still need to water some plants … And, and, and …
I want to return to the house before 10 am 'cause it will get hot and sticky today, we have thunderstorm warning maybe heavy rain, but at the late evening, so will wait and see what the weather will be later. ---- at 9.30 am … again not hitting Reply right away, now there are already dark clouds but I don’t trust those at the moment, we will see …

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