What kind of dramas you the most like?

I wanna know what kind of dramas almost the people like.
I hope you talk quickly and give me good answers… .
thank you for your time :smile:

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I like action, suspense and thriller dramas with a good plot, deep characters and a decent story. Preferably those where the adversary is exceptional, which means that the hero has to be truly exceptional.

If the plot is leaking and the story is about moral and political teachings with no connection to the story, I usually abandon the drama mid-way.

I don’t really enjoy romcoms, most of them are demeaning and backwards. I’ve watched a few decent ones, though and I’d rather watch a good romcom than a stupid suspense drama.

  • Sageuk (Korean historicals)
  • Romance
  • Web Dramas
  • Comedy
  • Action

I actually like everything ^^
It all depends on my mood at the time. If I feel like watching a romcom, then romcom it is. If I feel like watching a sageuk, then sageuk it is etc. But to be honest, during summer/spring, I love romcoms the most because there is just something in the air that makes me crave a good romcom, you know? :wink:


I think you will like Resurrection too featuring Uhm Tae Woong. You will like TEN and Sign probably too.

You might like Hidden Identity but I’m not sure so far it’s a pair of us subbing so it’ll take awhile.


Have you watched Greatest Love? It was the best romcom I saw (written by the Hong sisters) so far.
I also liked Emergency Couple way cute!
Cutest of them all is Sungkyunkwan Scandal


I like dramas that are well made.
People may hate me but I didn’t think Jewel in the Palace was the best. I just felt it was a behemoth.

I think watching I enjoyed Bridal Mask the most. I tend to deviate toward thrillers.

I also watch every single semi-historically accurate Korean historicals I can get my hands on. Same with medicals. Some were bleh…

In terms of non-Korean things I love love love historicals. The costumes are fantasmic. I also liked It Started With a Kiss and Fated to Love You.

Became huge fans of Sun Li and Liu Shi Shi becuase of Imperial Doctress and Legend of Zhen Huan. LZH was what brought me to viki!! (youtube subs were so terrible it really drove me away).

For subbing work I like to sub things I would binge watch. Editing I should only take projects I want to watch 3x or more… and yet… I’ve been taking well-done productions where bad subs would shame the show or if the team is awesome! #teamsageuk

If anyone is a Korean speaker of any sort and wants to improve their Korean I suggest subbing a historical. I’m sure the same goes for other countries too. Even natives learn new things!


Hidden Identity sounds good.
Ressurection, you mean the chinese witch?

I like everything except action :smiley:

Although I think I prefer watching comedy so I don’t watch a lot of dramas. I prefer 예능 like 1박 2일 ^^

Dramas I hate:

  1. action
  2. thriller
  3. medical
  4. musical
  5. mystery
  6. sci-fi
  7. most historical

Dramas I love:

Romantic where a handsome guy falls in love and tries to win the girl’s heart. Or quality drama (there are very very few quality dramas out there).

I have a very specific taste when it comes to dramas, what can I say.

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I didn’t like the Greatest Love because of the main actor. I found him really :grimacing: I liked the girl though.

I like almost every drama Hong sisters for example The Greatest love, masters’s sun and I like drama Secret with Ji sung - best k-drama ever !


i adore ji sung!!!


Oh is that the one which stars Cha Seung-won? I have it on my PTW list, but haven’t gotten around to watch it yet. Too many good dramas right now, what can I do? :stuck_out_tongue:
As for Emergency Couple, I’ve watched it, but it’s not my favourite. Some parts of it felt a bit draggy. I’ve watched Ex-Girlfriend Club, and I loved it! That drama’s so cute and some parts of it is laugh-out-loud funny. It has some flaws, though still fun to watch.
As for Sungkyunkwan Scandal, it’s also on my PTW list, but I’m hesitating because I’m not a huge fan of Micky Yoochun and the drama has 20 episodes :sob:
And I’ve read some comments from past audiences saying that later on in the show, it would get a little bit draggy, so…
But still, my love for Yoo Ah-in will direct me to the show whenever I have some free time to spare. For now, I thank you for recommending a few of your favourite romcom drama to me :smile:


By the way, have you watched Signal? That’s one of the best action/thriller drama I’ve watched so far this year. I also have Missing Noir M and My Beautiful Bride on my PTW list seeing that a lot of people are loving them. Also, the drama Last is good, eventhough it’s not a thriller (it’s action). Throughout the drama, it felt like I was watching a movie.


imo rom coms are best to bingewatch so draggy or not it doesn’t matter.

Oh yes signal is here. Too many projects so i haven’t been able to sub it up yet. We have some good subbers.

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So you haven’t watched it yet? Well, when you have the time, you should watch it. There are even some speculations that there is gonna be a second season of it, though it’s still not confirmed. Plus, if I’m not mistaken, the PD is from Misaeng: The Incomplete Life :smile::slight_smile:

I like most types of drama’s except for sci-fi and horror.

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No I mean Resurrection featuring Uhm Tae Woong and Han Ji Min.

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I like science fiction or fantasy dramas. The ones that discuss power hierarchies of different people. However, i do enjoy the murder mystery as much as the next person.

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