What language is it?

I was searching through this website and found this radio station in Korea. But the language is clearly not Korean. Can anyone tell me what language it is?


Right now there is an interview, one is talking Korean, the other either has a strong accent from wherever, but the interview partner seems to understand him.
It seems it’s kind of an international project, where you can tune in to “sounds” that are either live, or were recorded live once.
There is little info to the site but it has a twitter and a facebook account, I don’t so I can’t have more information this way.
Maybe you can?

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Okay, I hear now that one person speaks Korean, but a little while ago, there wasn’t any Korean. I’ll try to look in facebook to find out more :slight_smile:

Gwangju is a special administrative city (Korean denotation of administration) aka a metropolis with a big enough population. It is inside South Jeolla Province, and so the way they speak is with a “Gwangju” accent.

It’s not another language, but a dialect. For the most part based on context take any Korean from anywhere and you can understand (mutually intelligible) however some words may be used differently ==> dialect. The only exception is Jeju. Jeju speak always comes with subtitles hahahahahahahaha

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“Fated to love you” has the main female lead and all her family come from an island in Gwangju province if I’m not mistaken, so we hear quite a lot of it. It has a bit of a Busan “lift” at the end, but somehow different.
https://www.viki.com/videos/1044780v-fated-to-love-you-episode-3. Go around 48:05 to hear the islanders speak.

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Any dialect I do know is of the opposite side of the peninsula (southeast) Gyeongsang Province, and that I learned with my hands and feet (body language) LOL. The words specific to Jeolla dialect, I don’t know and I actually tend to leave this kind of speech blank for this reason. If I do hear anything I’ll ask naver and then naver will “translate” for me. It tells you what the proper written Korean would be.

I still cannot get over the definition of what proper written Korean is – language used by sophisticated people. What are you saying that everyone else is backwards or something? I got really mad when my friend told me that is what the textbook said.

The radio station I was talking about has broadcasts in different language depending when you listen to it, I think. Because the first time, it was a language I didnt know .Probably Vietnamese or Thai, then it was Korean and at this moment there’s an English conversation.