What languages do you already know or want to learn?

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Which languages do you already know and want to learn?

I know:
English (I’m a native speaker)

I want to learn:
Thai (I want to become more fluent in speaking and writing)

How about you? What are you doing to get started with learning a new language?


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I know a little Italian and Spanish, and of course a little Korean by watching Viki…

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I speak english (My first language) and I’m technically learning Italian right now but I’m not really picking it up well, and then I’ve accidentally started picking up korean x)

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A native speaker in German who tries to learn Chinese. I don’t know why is the german grammar so complicated in comparison to chinese.

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I speak italian (native speaker), english, spanish and french. I know a few sentences in korean and I’m trying to learn it. I’m trying to learn chinese too but with school is difficult x) Too many languages.

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My main languages are English and Greek. I speak and read some Italian and French and I am trying to learn Spanish and Korean. I find it refreshing that so many people from around the globe are interested in studying languages when we live in a lazy world of online translation and apps that read an image of a sentence and tell you what it says. Our brains need to be trained and challenged to stay sharp as we age… :wink:


I know: Spanish
I want to learn: English (I understand, but I can’t write or speak very well) and German, perhaps in a future Korean.


I know: French (native speaker), english (but I’m a little bit shy when it’s come to speak xD)
I’m learning Japanese
I want learn: Korean

yo I know Danish, German, English, Korean, A bit French, A bit Chinese, and currently learning Turkish and Kurdish since I’m moving to Turkey.

I wanna become better at Korean and Chinese and Turkish of course, and someday I also really wanna learn Japanese, Thai or some something Idk hihi. if it’s ever gonna happen .-.

I know:
Dutch and English

And I want to learn:

Wow that’s really cool :smiley: I know German, English, Latin, a bit Spanish, a bit Dutch, and some things of korean. My mothertounges are turkish and kurdish, that’s why I think it’s really awesome that you want to learn these languages ^^ I hope it won’t be difficult for you, and that you will improve fast :slight_smile:

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I’m bilingual, I know how to speak and write in English and Spanish, but I really want to become fluent in Korean. I’m really glad to have found a community which encourages learning another language other than your own. :smile: Fighting! :smile:

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I speak Mandarin and Spanish only on family gatherings, Italian if I’m forced to, I can muddle my way through Japanese and Korean and I’m learning more and more Thai. So at the end of the day,I only speak English.

I am a native English speaker, and I have been studying Mandarin for about 8 years, but even after studying Mandarin for so long, I am not very good. Watching Chinese and Taiwanese dramas on Viki is helping me quite a bit, but I still have to watch with English subtitles. I hope some day that I can watch the dramas without subtitles! 加油!

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I am USSR born Israeli, so Russian is my mother tongue, Hebrew on mother tongue level and my English is very advanced.

Although my Chinese is on upper advanced level (HSK 6+), Viki’s learning mode is extremely helpful. Thank you.

just a small amount of Spanish & german, I’d like to learn more, and of course more Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, just to say a greeting in those languages. I know them in Spanish & German and a bit more.

does piglatin count???

I know french, english, and a little of arabic. I learnt a little vocabulary in japanese, but I want to know all the secrets of the british.

i speak german, english, italian, serbian and dutch. i am learning korean since 2015 now and i really want to learn chinese and japanese. :slight_smile:

Nice question.

I already know:
Chinese - mandarin(native)
A bit French and a bit Korean

I want to learn:

Japanese and Korean.