What languages do you speak/are learning?


I was born in Korea and my family immigrated to the USA when I was 13 years old so I am fluent in Korean and English. In Korea, students are required to learn English and Chinese (traditional writing) so I know some Chinese characters. I also took Spanish, French and Japanese in university, not because I was so interested in foreign languages but because I was interested in the development of synthetic language (as in coding for spies). Unfortunately, I am not anywhere close to being fluent in Spanish, French or Japanese.


I speak English but Im learning mostly Korean with Japanese and American Sign Language on the side. I practice a few hours a day


Born and Raised in the U.S. I can speak English (obviously XD), Thai and Lao. I sort of want to learn Korean, but haven’t tried.


I was born in Puerto Rico but live in America so I can fluently speak English and Spanish I am an intermediate in Chinese. I am trying to learn Japanese and Korean bit by bit.


@angelight313_168 will be happy to hear there’s another person from her island on Viki. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, I speak Urdu and English. Currently I am learning Chinese. Its much interesting to see Cdrama when you are able to understand the dialogue without looking at the subtitles.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sunglasses:


Oh my!
This awesome thread was right in front of my eyes and just getting to know it is more interesting than I thought it could be.
I grew up in England so I speak English natively, my half Japanese mom made sure that I don’t get acquainted with my Japanese culture any less so she never spoke English with me until I was about 6 and we communicated solely in Japanese. It seems, although all Japanese moms are same, since I saw a YouTuber said the same thing 3-4 years ago :sweat_smile:

My family came to India in 2013, I was still a kid then, so I didn’t seemed to have problems with picking up Hindi, although my mom did had problems with learning Hindi and still lacks listening skills and speaks Hindi like an alien :joy: (she is doing better day by day)

I have Korean blood too, but I was never exposed to Korean culture. I planned to watch Korean dramas to learn Korean, but you know… just like everyone here, my motive to watch Korean dramas soon faded from Education to Entertainment. I still am not confident with my Korean skills but I am determined to learn it anyway :smile:



There’s a few in here I know that are from Puerto Rico. One of them was really bad in English (subbing/communicating), and improved so much here at viki that I was totally shocked bc she caught up (learned) improved so much her English although she lives in Puerto Rico, and not here in US.


I’m speaking Polish and English fluently and currently i’m learning Korean. In the future i really want to learn Japanese and Chinese, but for now i want to focus on expanding my vocabulary in Korean!


I am Ecuadorian, I was born in Quito and I live in France. I speak English and Japanese fluently and I learn Chinese and Turkish (I am a woman) (~ ̄▽ ̄)~



Did they teach you how to make ‘‘caldo de sopa?’’ The best dish (for moi) from Guayaquil, Ecuador.

You don’t mention French but I’m guessing you’re learning that one too.

You are truly gifted. Hope you join the Rviki teams to subbed the dramas/movies.


Oh, I wonder why Turkish? ^^


Hi! I’m Italian but I’m currently living in Finland, I speak Italian and English fluently, I’m learning German and Finnish at school and Korean and Chinese on my own :smile:


Suomi ftw :smiley:


How do you like Finland so far? :slight_smile:


We might soon be able to create a Suomi club x)


The Turkish language has been my favorite since I was a child It would also be incredible to see new places ( •̀ ω •́ )✧


Fighting! If you want to write Turkish just write me a PN :smiley:


the truth, my mother made it, she is excellent for the kitchen!

I announced the French language elsewhere, I apologize

Yes, I look forward to it, it’s what I like the most



Oh thank you very much, I would love to ( •̀ ω •́ )✧