What languages do you speak/are learning?


I love it! It’s pretty warm this year tho, I’m kinda sad because I came here for an extremely cold weather^^


hahah yeah^^ I’m still pretty bad at it though


I once lived there for a year and it just happened to be a year with a very severe winter, in Finland as well as in the rest of Europe. I thought it was normal because I was in Finland, but the Finns were complaining about it, haha.


I am learning Chinese because I teach children in China how to speak English. It has been very helpful to learn Chinese because they interject some Chinese in the English immersion classes I teach. I know what they’re saying at least half of the time, if not more. Plus, they ask their parents questions during our online classes. I also can discern what they’re asking their parents and can often answer the questions before their parents do.

My students like to correct me if I say a few words in Chinese because it’s a role reversal.

I took French in jr and sr high plus 1 year in college.

My next goal is to study more Korean. I’ve spent a few hours learning the alphabet.

I also spent 1 semester with colleagues learning Spanish. I should learn that more because many people speak Spanish where I live, including some of my relatives.


Very severe winter, haven’t had those in 20-30 years. It really sucks bc if the Estonians invade, we are dead. Yeah, Finns like to complain about it, don’t get it, Winter in such a beautiful season. Plus if it’s cold you can always pile more cloth on to become warm x)


It’s not 20 years ago yet, lol, though not that much shorter: 2002-2003.
Any sign of the Estonians planning to invade? If they do, just distract them with K-dramas. :laughing:

Ah, but that also means that in the summer there’s less laundry to do. :stuck_out_tongue: Although I’m not a big fan of extremely hot weather …


Hello, I am from the United States. I really love language and knew about 5 fluently when I was younger. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it”.

My native language is English (American) and I am currently learning Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, and Korean.


May I ask which ones? :slight_smile:


Bonjour, je suis de Belgique et je parle le Français.
J’apprend le Japonais de puis bon moment maintenant et j’ai commencer le Chinois il n’y a pas longtemps.


Hi! :sun_behind_small_cloud: I was born in Spain but raised in Italy.

However, nobody has never explained Spanish grammar to me and I’m still learning how to write correctly by myself. Unfortunately, in my house we never had the habit of speaking Spanish so I don’t feel very confident while speaking the language, but I can easily understand it. I can appreciate a movie or a book without problems and I also understand when a person is talking directly to me but when It’s time to respond and continue the conversation I feel awkward and it’s frustrating.

That’s why I decided to register in Viki.
I hope to be more stimulated to continue studying and I would like to get better by meeting people like you who are interested in all these beautiful languages.

So I’m teaching myself English (thath I started learning in school) and Spanish and I’m brand new at Korean (I’m using a book in Spanish).


I’ve successfully forgotten Russian and Hungarian and I now try everything to avoid the same thing happening to me with English.


I registered for online Thai classes, starting next month.
In the meantime I’m mainly focussed on teaching myself Japanese.


oOoo! Hello spy! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: So are you volunteering to help with subtitles here? (hint)


I think it’s remarkable that I DO NOT speak French and never heard French growing up but I understood everything you said without looking it up. Good for you learning Mandarin! Learning thousands of characters is a bit daunting to me which is why I’ve never tried to learn Mandarin, Cantonese or Japanese formally. I just picked up phrases from TV, movies and neighbors.


Or… maybe I infiltrated the Viki subtitling community to learn the secret to their awesome subtitles.:wink:
Kidding aside, if I were half my age, I would apply to be a linguist for the FBI.

By the way, I am currently in the English subtitle team for Mr. Queen, and Cheat On Me, If You Can.


I am fluent in English and is learning Chinese.


Kewl! I LOVE MR. Queen. That show cracks me up. :sunglasses: I havent watched cheat on me yet. It’s in my queue.

So apply for the FEDS anyway! I don’t think they’d have an age problem since they aren’t supposed to discriminate based on age. :smiley:

Kewl on learning Chinese! I only know a few words and phrases of Mandarin And I admit -I am too lazy to learn how to read 3000+ characters. I’ll stick to learning Korean and 한글 which is a very sensible and logical spelling system.

I grew up speaking a brand of San Francisco English but my English ‘fluency’ is debatable. My English syntax can be whacked at times :roll_eyes: :grin: but that’s because I grew up in a tri-lingual neighborhood. I have to re-read what I write and say to myself - uh, kiddo, that’s not how you say that in English - It’s backwards. and Learning Korean isn’t helping me with my English syntax either! :rofl: :partying_face: :crazy_face:


I see…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:… I rather don’t like the chinese characters…coz they are too much…so i stuck to the english letters with chinese meaning…i hope you get

For example: Ni hao … Nimen hao? Wo xi huan ni!

Like this i learn i have learnt…few characters…


What is your mothertongue?


I can read the characters for hello - 你好 and goodbye 再见. but I don’t try to write them by hand. I just copy them.