What made you join the Viki community?

I believe everyone here has a reason, right?

Well, firstly I started because I had a lot of free time in my schedule, also I wanted to test my writing and language skills.

(I wish it was a good idea to be apart of this community. I still have a lot of things to encounter in the future.)

Anyways, what about you?


I’ve been using Viki since I was in middle school, I’m now freshly 18. I was exploring and found out this place existed. Here I am.
I also know quite a few languages, and thought maybe I could subtitle. It was not my cup of tea.


the one main reason, meet people on the other side of the world, learn stuff about their part of the world, and most of all, make friends


Well I wanted to become a segmenter and whilst waiting I realized that Viki has this page too… I remember my first post was that I graduated Sandbox, I was so happy and everyone here congratulated me. Then I realized that discussions here had a lot of lovely people (and now days many that has helped me in my roles).


Well, firstly I started because I wanted to test my writing and language skills.
And make friend all over the world.


Well, I feel my reasons are an interesting subject since it can help others too. I started to get very, very sick, and Doctors test after test finally found I had LUPUS. I wanted to take my mind from the pain this disease brings and decided to keep ‘‘busy’’ by working as a viki volunteer.

When you get so busy working as a subber, moderator CM etc; you even forget you are sick (but PLEASE don’t stop getting medical check ups). Things found on time have ‘‘remedy’’ left unattended, it might be too late.