What? Now Discussions is hidden? Buried inside another page?


The message page is giving me a headache. Pitch black and hard to decipher which I have read and which I haven’t.


I thought there was something wrong as well (as I’ve experienced a few bugs lately),
but it looks like this is part of the new design.

I hope they change it back. The discussion seems to be very important for people who volunteer on Viki.


Yes it is, bc it help us vent with certain issues going on, and that alleviate the pressure of the volunteer work.


Hi everyone,

Thank you for all your detailed feedback! We’ll be sure to pass this along and we’ll be sure to include this in discussions with the appropriate teams.

Viki Community Team


I wanted to add a comment on what @lutra said in

(since @irmar directed to this page, I will add it here)

I’m relatively new compared with you guys here at Viki, but I feel the same. I feel like I’m going to do less on Viki in the future :pensive:.

I do hope that they fix everything for the volunteers that are still around and make it a pleasure to volunteer again.


Bedankt dat je in ieder geval jouw project af wilt maken :heart:


heres one “if the wheel isn’t broken,don’t fix it” why can’t they leave well enough alone???