What? Now Discussions is hidden? Buried inside another page?

Are they kidding us? They hid our inbox and the Watched items in the beta version of the webpage, and so far I’ve been ignoring it by navigating the old-style site.
Now, if you click on Community, there is no menu to choose Discussions from. You have to click on Community, go to the community page, and from there, click on Discussions.
One click more, one page more to load.
I don’t usually use expletives, but right now I wanted to shout all the dirty words I know. @#%&^&%@%$!!!


You beat me to it. That’s probably because I wrote a bit more. You find Discussions now, when you open the Community page. I can’t even jio tewmdA FVEMR djk sssssssssssssssssss
Till later

Since they ignore what volunteers do need and want and only care about passive mobile viewers the idea about striking for a month from the other thread seems quite appealing…

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Why does it seem that with every update or so-called redesign, the Viki site/app gets more and more cluttered and anti-user friendly?

My peeve is the new “look” on my (Viki app) “Following” page. Under every drama image, it’s cluttered with more and more words “Plus”, “Standard”, “Free Episodes”, “Watch Free”, along with the necessary title, country and rating - it’s soooooo #$&#@ cluttered, not to mentioned the horrible black background, yikes, my eyes are bleeding!

I understand these extra words cluttering the page are likely an effort to clarify to new users what is available to them for viewing, but sheesh it’s downright terrible design work. I’ll stop at that, I could rant all day about the (really bad) Viki web/app design. :smiley_cat: sheishun


I just noticed the same thing myself. I use a laptop and go directly to the discussion board but find it odd that they would remove the link from the top menu. For what purpose?



For what purpose? Well, imo, from a marketing standpoint, Viki wants the users to view the full Community page, on which the first visual statement is about volunteering at Viki. This leads me to suppose that Viki now needs to push the volunteering aspect, maybe they have finally realized that, from my observation, many volunteers feel alienated (e.g. volunteers being restricted, unfair procedures, etc.) — also, perhaps to help educate users about the fact that the translation of Viki dramas from their original language is only possible because of the volunteers.

Anyway, this is all supposition on my part. Frankly, the new Discussion button is really not user-friendly at all… I do love that Viki showcases the top contributors on that page.

Sending positive vibes out to all of the wondrous Viki volunteers! sheishun


I don’t know if the dropdown menu was all that bad. People who want to sub will find it and people who want to chat will find the board. I really don’t see how it’s an improvement unless they plan on removing the board all together and started with the link to phase it out…


Yes, I agree, the drop down menu was far more ideal. I’m just trying to suppose why it was changed… I certainly can’t imagine the discussion boards being phased out, yikes!

I just noticed this today too! I was confused the first few times and couldn’t figure out why I kept ending up at the community page and just now noticed that the drop down menu was gone.


I’m like “why change this when other things have a higher priority”?!:thinking:


But it isn’t just Viki’s discussion page. Everything on the internet is going the same direction. For instance, now I have to click on 3 different menus just to get to my contact page on email. That’s just one example. Hulu is doing the same kind of thing too. Etc.

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well… we dont know what viki plans are for the website. There may be some changes later on.

Hope this is just another bug bc it makes no sense at all…:frowning:

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Unfortunately it doesn’t look like a bug … :(:weary:

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what is it then? I have to go to community page and then I get to go to Discussion. Makes no sense.

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It’s Viki testing our patience.


Hopefully I’m wrong about that lol I enjoy this board and sure hope they leave a noticeable link to it.


I was thinking that: ‘‘if it ain’t broken, why fix it?’’ No one was complaining about the way things were designed before, and now we have to go through a page I couldn’t care less to see before I get here; to discussion…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Maybe it was done to discourage us to come to --’‘vent’’ in this section? I’m really about to kiss discussion section goodbye (to the relief of many) hahahahaha :rofl:

Well, if they leave things as is, I’ll definitely kiss this section goodbye for good. Too much work…:roll_eyes:

no please don’t do that. :slightly_frowning_face:
I don’t really see the difference any way. it was two clicks and is still two clicks. just on a page instead of a drop down menu. People who are upset, please don’t flag the post :sweat_smile:
I do agree it was completely unnecessary. but I don’t think it’s worth leaving Discussions because of it.Discussions is my favorite place on the website.


I was joking…lol It’s not that much work at all. Like you said the clicks are equal amount and i noticed it goes faster to Discussion this new way (at least for me it does).

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