What ongoing drama has you most glued to the screen these days?

If you can just choose one that would be great, but if there’s more than one, just rank them.

For me, it’s Bride of the Century, which is funny because I started watching it on a whim when I ran out of completed dramas that looked interesting. My plan was to watch the first episode or two to decide if it was worth coming back to after the series ended, but I ended up watching 6 episodes in a row. Now I spend half of my week looking forward to when it’ll air live so that I can watch the streaming version. It’s quite a sad case, actually. :blush:

It’s Rooftop Prince and The Moon Embracing The Sun that i just finished watching few days ago and also The Master’s Sun… I like to watch the dramas with Joseon time settings, and there many parts that make me really curious and wanna know how it ends… When The Master’s Sun was released, me and my friend watched it non-stop until both of us ended up overslept lol
There are just so many parts that increases my curiosity about it

Cunning single lady
Bride of the century
Emergency Couple
Empress Ki

OK here goes, trying very hard to stick with ‘Passionate Love’ writer lost the plot, comments and opinions are to say the least all over the place started off with 50 E then reduced to 45, now 47 some commentators saying it’s back to 50.??? Today feel like it’s been a waste of 45 hours so far but have to stay the course now as curious…
Right back to the point. Beyond the Clouds, 3 Days, God’s Gift, Emergency Couple and all are really good.
Didn’t think I’d find anything after ‘My Love from the Stars’ which of course was the best all year. My first was ‘Master’s Sun’ and it made me search for more.

I’m watching all of those except cunning single lady, too. I just happen to like bride of the century best. I’m excited about episode 9 airing today.

I was a huge MLFTS fan, too, so I didn’t think I’d be able to move on, either. LOL.

After watching Full House Thai, I’m 5 episodes in with a show called Cubic which is a Thai Lakorm about a head mafia guy (H) holding an innocent female (h) as ransom. Our Hero is a cold character but nice to the h who gets under his skin after she strikes a bargain to repay her father’s debt (the ransom). I haven’t watch lakorns in the past but I like this theme. “Gangster bad guy meets good girl.”

For Kdramas I always thought that “When a Man Loves” had so much potential but it just went downhill as the episodes went on.

Does anyone have any other Kdrama or Tdrama with this type of theme? I would love to get a short synopsis of your recommendation along with a title. Thanks in advance!

I think City Hunter is the closest I’ve watched to the type you’re describing, but I found a Taiwanese synopsis for you that might be what you’re looking for.

“Love Around” Zhou Zhen (George Hu) is a tough gangster’s son who has a soft spot for protecting the weak from bullies. Liang Xiao Shu (Annie Chen) is a happy-go-lucky and bubbly radio DJ who is optimistic about love although a little naïve. After Zhen breaks up with his girlfriend, she runs into Xiao Shu at a ballpark. Can the unlikely pair, both unlucky in love, possibly find something in common that will reignite their faith in love?