What qualities you look for in a K-drama?

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I was wondering what qualities you do look for in a K-drama when choosing?

For me? I pick the story line first then…it MUST catch my attention, something that I know wont bore me! Then length! I can’t and wont watch; well the exception was Don’t Hesitate (that was way too long, but I endure, bearly) Then (don’t laugh) I look at the lead man (well? I must connect you know :blush:), he’s gotta be handsome, manly, possessive, rich and be able to protect himself and his girl! Oh, one more thing…he must be jealous; and show it, when his chosen girl is around another man! hehehehe and over come in the long run!

MOST of all? It MUST have a happy ending! The only ending that come close was Don’t Hesitate and perhaps Sungkyunkwan Scandal! The others are a bit ambiguous!

What do you think?

I usually watch a drama based on an actors/actresses work. For example, I saw I Miss You with Yoon Eun Hye after seeing Lie to Me. So I guess, I start based on actor/actress. Yet, plot is what keeps me into the story. I tend to watch something light such as, a romantic comedy after watching something sad or a melodrama. Sometimes I just happen upon something based on plot or based on a suggestions in the timed comments or on the discussions. I admit I have a harder time with dramas that are long. Although, I appreciate that dramas are getting longer or they are doing well and increase the episodes I prefer 16 episodes. There is an upcoming one I want to see that is supposed to be 32 and I just don’t know if I will be able to do it. Hopefully, it is really good and I won’t notice the length. :smile: The main thing is plot and if it keeps me invested and interested in the story. I do love an HEA and get annoyed when endings are ambiguous or make little to no sense.

I want to laugh and I don’t want it longer than 20 episodes.

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Melodrama always hooks me. A complicated story with character development. I can watch up to 25 episodes but even with a good drama that’s pushing it. I loved My Love from the Star but it really was getting long for me. It must be well paced. It can be mellow/slow like Miss Korea or it can burn minutes like Heal Me, Kill Me. I love comedy but it’s not my must see genre =}

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Just wanted to know what draws others to a drama…I guess my preference is comedy,suspense and a MUST romance!!!

I am partial to well rounded scripts that have class and couth!!! What drew me to K-Drama’s was how tastefully done they are! There are stark contrasts to be seen when comparing them to American prime time drama’s (I’m of American and Jamaican ethnicity). It’s nice to see talent get the point across with out being too abrasive to the senses… I like a stylish drama. I also like an emotional punch!!! And I can’t live without some type of steamy romance!!! Good chemistry between the actors/actresses is a must!!! But comedic relief is also the cherry on top to smooth everything over!!! :smile:

I have a question rather than a comment. Does anyone know what American drama/movie Don’t Hesitate is based on? I have seen this plot before. It was almost the same plot twists exactly. Can anyone help me out?

well this is an old site I see, but will givedit a shot anyway; a story that grabs the jugular vein, yeah the heart rendering tear jerker, BUT mystery sitting at the edge of my seat type thing, romance yeah to a point, scifi sure,time travel ok, the sickies ok, diseases ok, but give it something that will keep me going. like for instance, kill me,heal me, heckle,hyde me, cinderella& four knights, cool endings too. from the younger actors & actresses to the older ones, cooking with mystery, feast of the gods is one, secret hotel another, oh my ghostness to lets fight ghost, the historical like faith, or flower in prson, oh my guin bi(?i think thats the way its spelled) not to forget something love from the stars, to man called god to detectives in trouble, squad 38 to bad guys. thats the kind I do like. I like variety