What Shows Do You Watch?

I know lots of people on Viki watch Korean shows. Some also watch watch Chinese, Taiwanese, and Filipino shows. Any others?

Thai and Latin American shows are also becoming popular too on Viki!

Japanese of course, but there are so few on wiki.
I try to learn japanese and so it would be great to have more japanese shows like on dramafever…

It would be great if there was a way to promote channels from different countries. It would be nice to have that on Viki’s front page. Maybe a “Shows From Around the World” section.
I’d really recommend Pakistani dramas. There’s not so many on Viki, but a few popular ones are on here. They’re realistic, short, and to-the-point. You won’t regret watching them.


mostly Korean,ilike that they usually end well.the Japanese are good also but always seem to end in a way almost tragic.I would make comments more but I always end up losing sound and have to start all over again, computer challenged but I love others comments sometimes even better than the drama itself. .Peter

Any others besides Korean?