What song would you listen to on repeat?


Mine is Good Days by SZA.


I can listen to him over and over and over again!:purple_heart:


Right now I WILL not stop listening to these:

and this one because I keep being blown away by their live harmonizing vocals.


For me that would be Taemin’s 2 kids, and I want to say my second would be Monster or Kick It, but it would actually have to be SuperM’s 100


I love how Baekhyun plays his microphone like a clarinet


OMG Xurean Chen :heart_eyes: Now I’m listening “Bottle in the Sea”.


J’ai adoré la série et j’écoute cette chanson plusieurs fois par jour :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Yes!! I love Back door!!




How could there only be one song, haha …

Depends on my mood, so for example:



Hola a todxs💜
Ya vieron el MV de ASTRO ‘ONE’ está super increíble​:heart_eyes::fire:
Son 6 chicos super talentosos👏🏻
Espero que lo disfruten.
Así que aquí les dejo el link para que vayan a verlo:


Just fell in love with GAHO and Super Junior’s music…Baekhyun, EXO and Gaho are on my playlist at all times!


Maybe a sad song but I like it

but up-beat song too


Oh boy. I do listen to this on repeat, because I set it as my ring tone. Sign of a problem.


Blu danube, and if you are talking about dramas, crazy and it did stay in my mmind for quite awhile, panda & hedgehog. there are a lot of the dramas I really enjoyed the music, I will have to go back & check


This one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


A song on the radio brought back memories:

R.I.P. George Harrison, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty.