What was the drama or movie?

where a guy could hear a persons thought( and I don’t mean I hear you) there was another one. anyone got any ideas? cause I sure don’t remember! been a couple of years I think

Any kind, any language? What about this?

An excellent K-drama. :slight_smile:

that was an awesome drama but no that isn’t the one. this was an older guy, one scene he goes in the store and before he leaves, he tells the person to watch out for that sharp edge on the shelf, also he touched someone and heard what she was thinking. and a few more his touching & hearing.

I found it!! Touching You, its really been awhile since I have seen this. its one of those short dramas,16 minutes each episode. . one of my favorite actors as well(lets fight ghost,) plan to watch today. thanks for the help

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I have not heard of this! I looked it up since Viki doesn’t have it. It looks good! I like the main guy too. I’ll watch it this weekend. Thanks for the intro :slight_smile: