What was your first K-drama?


oh my i feel the same… my friend who was crazy over Lee Min Ho kept asking me to watch one of his dramas… I chose Personal Taste and ugghhhh I struggled to get through it.:flushed:


Hello! My first drama was Secret Garden which I watched about 5 years ago. I really loved it! For some reason, I didn’t watch other dramas until earlier this year but I’m happy to be back!


My first Drama ever was “The legend of the blue sea” and I watched it on YouTube! I will never forget this hahah. At that time I found Viki but I couldn’t understand how it works, I’ve been so confused! So I watched it on YouTube and maybe on another webside but I can’t remeber that. I’ve been in love with this KDrama and Lee Min Ho so I made some reserche about him, I wanted to see more of him so I came back to Viki and I understood how to watch KDramas here on Viki. I am sooo gratefull for that.


My first Korean drama was “Jumong” and damn this is literally the Best Historical Drama Ever. If you didn’t watch it yet you missed something I’m telling you !
The first time I watch it I was like 8 or 9 and had watched it with my family. Those were the good old days…


The first drama i watched was You’re Beautiful. I remember being off school so I was up all night scrolling through facebook when i saw a short clip and eventually downloaded this app and watched it.


My first K-drama was Boya over flowers


My first one was Boys Over Flowers, and the bad translation (didn’t watch it on VIKI) and the whole culture chock just flipped me mentally upside down. I remember making exclamations out loud more and more as the drama progressed, usually in the style of “Why? Why is he/she doing that? Why is he/she acting like that? What is this? Are you kidding me?? What the… oh come oooon!”
At the same time I was totally and utterly intrigued. It was so different, I couldn’t figure out what would happen next, which I loved, and it seemed void of all the things that had turned me off of western series. So here I am, years later, now well versed in all the drama cliches, but still loving K-drama. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I guess the acting then in Kdrama was not very well refined as the global presence just had begun.
However, she was fine when her acting was normal. Appeared weird with funny expressions. The director made no efforts to correct it as well. It happens when they are uncomfortable doing funny guestures. BOF looked like the writer or producer wanted every rich thing in the world to be shown and somehow pinned it in. Also, sports …


‘Chocolate’ on Netflix


mine was I’m not a robot


eee mine too!


My first kdrama was ‘Sweet Revenge 2’


What a relief. I felt so bad for disliking her so much, and I see I wasn’t the only one. Her acting was so crappy yet, she was surrounded by all this hunks drooling over her (her image/personality never improved even 'till the end). I felt that role was too good for her if it wasn’t for the guys I would have never watched it in the first place (LMH hair was a total turn off made him look unattractive too!) What possessed them? I loved him in The King: Eternal Monarch very good acting in that role BUT again the girl looked ‘‘bummy’’ and dumb like although she was a cop. Go figure…poor guy when will he get the right girl?


My first k-drama was Love RainLOVE%20RAIN%202


Cinderella and the Four Knights.


My first Kdrama was “Pinocchio“ :smile: It was recommended to me by a friend and I was quite skeptical watching the first episode because it started off a bit goofier than most shows I watch but I ended up loving it so much I ended up getting more reccommendations!


my first Kdrama was “weightlifting fairy Kim Bok- joo”, my sister showed me a clip where they were eating and i decided to watch it from the beginning.


“Full House” (2005). Viki’s Channel:
Han Ji-eun (Song Hye-kyo) is an innocent woman who gets swindled by her best friends who are in need of money. After a few unfortunate encounters with top actor Lee Young-jae (Bi), Ji-eun learns her house was bought by said actor.
Young-jae has been in love with his best friend, Kang Hye-won (Han Eun-jung) for more than a decade but she has her eyes on Yoo Min-hyuk (Kim Sung-soo), their senior.
After growing tired of waiting for her to come around, Young-jae proposes a contract marriage to Ji Eun in order to spark some jealousy and get the media off his back. In an attempt to earn back her house, Ji-eun agrees to be his wife for a year. But as they live together, they start to learn what it means to live a married life, to genuinely care for one another and have each other’s back when they’re up against the world.


woah, Song Hye Ko!
How much would you rate this drama, personally? I had it in my reccs but I was wondering…


I’ve watched it at least four times and bought the DVD set about 9 years ago.
To give it a rating, well . . . I would probably rate it a 9 out of 10.
Rating for final episode was 40% in South Korea:

From the OST