What was your first K-drama?

My First Kdrama was Boys Over Flower… That’s Where I met Lee Min Ho… Nd Kim Bum Nd Kim Hyun Joong Nd Kim Joon… Well All of The Members To F4


i think there is a topic like this, so i know i said this before but thats okay. x) my first drama was dream high!

that also helped introduce me more into the world of KPOP! and more KDRAMAS of course.

my second drama was i think it was “your beautiful”

but yea, it all went up from there xD

allot of people had BOF as their first.


My first K-Drama was Jewel in the Palace… I saw it on an Indonesian TV channel, and every time it shows I automatically sit and can’t take my eyes off of it, even for just a second…


My first drama was “You’re Beautiful” I loved it
My second drama was “Boys over flower”


LOL they DEFINITELY have to make another drama that was as good as the classics like “your beautiful” xD one of the best dramas ever


My first Kdrama was Playful Kiss.

I found on Hulu one day and thought it looked cool, and it was based on one of my favorite anime of all times.

By the way, that is why I named my self PKsuperfan it stands for Playful Kiss.


Meteor Garden :stuck_out_tongue: the original BOF which actually the 3rd remake of the series…Barbie will forever be my favourite Tsukushi my fav manga too so far anyway


My first was The Moon Embracing the Sun. Such a good way to start an addiction :smiley:


Actually I forgot my first Korean drama that I watch, but Korean drama that first totally impresses me are this one.


My 1st drama was Boys Over Flowers, however I disliked the main girl cause she yelled too much and I stopped watching all together. Then after a couple of months I went back and gave it a chance but I found You’re Beautiful and from then on I was hooked!


One of the reasons why I didn’t like BOF, beside LMH’s hair , was the main girl… I couldn’t stand her but I watched it till the end…


Same here. I don’t like the lead girl as well. I just don’t like her acting.
But still I watched till the end since I want to see my Kim Bum.


I was there because of lee min ho haha
I wanted to be a loyal fan so I watched till the end…
I really liked kim bum there also his relationship with the main leads best friend. It kinda saved the whole drama for me lol


My first K-drama was Dong-Yi , how could I ever forget?


mine was heirs, as friend got me into viki and yes same as other folks love Lee Minho hahahaah now watching THE GREAT DOCTOR


My first Kdrama was Stairway to heaven.


My first K-drama was Goong or Princess hours. Totally broke my heart with the second lead syndrome! :frowning: And by the way, I already knew the story of BOF back then, but I first watched the japanese version, Hana Yori Dango :wink: That’s why BOF is not my first k-drama like the entire world :smiley: lol


love that actress, she’s cute and her acting is outstanding. I didn’t know that she was the female lead in another drama. First time I saw her was in Spring Waltz.

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Jewell in the Palace was also my first K-drama, in August 2009 , followed by Damo, Yi San, Jumong, Hur Jun, Dong Yi, Kim Su-ro  and many others historical dramas aired on Romanian TV channels.  My first contemporary K-drama was East of Eden.

My first 10-15 k-dramas were all historical (our channels broadcasted first only historical, period k-dramas) . I discovered contemorary k-drama on mysoju and later, when that website close down,  on Viki.


Me too :D. I found BBF when I was on a school break. My mother took me too family in a other country, And I was soo bored that I was annoying other people. So they say:’‘Go watch something on te TV.’’ I was so happy and run into the house. But there was nothing on TV. But the most what I liked of all that crack was BBF. Ther was one problem. It was not spoken in my langauge and ther was a subtitle in arabic. I couldn’t follow it. When I arrived home a friend of me find it when I was telling here about it. She said:’‘Found it.’’ first I didn’t understand it but she make a pic of it and send it to me :smiley: I was soo happy and watch it in four days. She explained that it is called kdrama. She told me about this site. Now I am here watching all the drama I like ^^