What will i do after naruto ends and no more kdrama that interests me. otoke

I have been watching anime since i was 11. Started to watch Korean dramas since I was 15. I really love these to stuff, but recently I’ve been losing interest in them. What should I do? Anything that will peek my curiosity. anegai

you should try something new, like some american dramas and after a while you will find yourself craving for korean and anime again.


There is also a possibility that your growing out of Anime… or Dramas. (I know, I’m shocked to even say it.)

Try Japanese, Taiwanese or Chinese dramas. If the culture interests you maybe take some classes or try studying the language.

Or just take a break. After a couple of weeks you may find that you can’t live without it.

thanks i guess i will try to watch other stuff. but i hope i dont grow out of anime since i have been watching it for some time now :slight_smile:

watch web dramas…they are short and a lot of them are based on anime or web toons…also watch Circle, W and live action Death Note (Japanese)

You could try watching Bride of water god, Circles, Fight My Way, and Suspicious Partners.

Or maybe you should need some time to relax. When I watch too many dramas. I just feel like…the feeling that eating too much food in the mouth or the feeling of studying too much without stopping. I don’t know if this happens to you but this is my experiences.

You should never loose interest :stuck_out_tongue: