What's a drama that even non-drama fans will like?

I want to show my friends into the drama world with a drama that will leave a good imprint. Although I have many dramas I’ve considered showing them, I don’t know if they’ll like them. What’s a drama that they’ll be sure to enjoy?

Hi @_aurora_rose, this is a very good question and a fun idea to share drama with friends - yet it’s tough to answer since there are so many different genres and endless excellent dramas. :heart_eyes_cat:

I chose a few K-drama from my favorites list that I believe could be considered all-around solid greatness. Mostly serious drama but a few lighter fare, too. I‘ve listed them in lighter-to-heavier order. I hope you find something to share with your friends.


Thank you so much!

Hi _Aurora_rose.

I personally love Rom Com’s as those are easy to get in to and most people who like romance of any kind can get in to it due to the innocence that makes up Asian Dramas.

Here are a few of my favorites starting with some of my early intro to drama land.

  1. Coffee Prince (Available on Viki)

  2. Queen of the Ring and Splash Splash Love are cute shorter dramas. I love the main actress Kim Seul Gi. (You can find Queen of the Ring on Facebook, I wish Viki had it though.

  3. City Hall is a classic and a must see for its humor and the touchy feely feeling you get.

I could go on and on, but these are some of my Kdrama faves.

Oh and Love020. A Mainland China Drama based on a webstory I believe. It’s really good and probably has just enough action to sucker even the biggest critiques in to it. :wink:

What drama would work for you and your friends depends very much on what you like …

  • storyline
  • genre
  • acting
  • classic
  • modern
  • ???

Availability is not given in all regions, so maybe some channels are not working for you.

If it is something like time travel and romance you might like stories like:

If you liked the previous Fated to Love you version but have not seen the new one and didn’t like the sometimes childish aspect of the characters in the old version this could be something for you:

If you like serious matters and looking at the dark site of society:

Or a movie:

Maybe a good starter to watch with friends could be:

Maybe collect some trailers and let them decide?

Have fun and let us know how it was.

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I’d show my friends dramas for their favourite genre in case they watch different genres than myself and then I’d chose dramas of this genre with a comment why I like it/what I like about it.

Then they are able to decide by themselves if it looks interesting for them or not.