What's going on with Viki!?

I wasn’t sure about posting this here but I’ve been having many issues at Viki lately and I want to know if I’m the only one or if my pc or my Wifi are the problem. Help please!

  1. I can’t comment in the timed comments section as much as I’d like to because Viki won’t let me post every comment I want to write, just a few of them. This pisses me off a lot, because I love writing timed comments :’(

  2. Viki keeps logging me out, it was ok this week and I thought the problem was fixed but today it happened again… And anytime I want to log in again and I click on the button “Sign in” this appears!

What is error 503!! seriously!! is my internet connection the problem or what? :’( I swear I’m about to cry -_- lol

  1. Viki won’t let me enter to Help Center, so I can’t do anything! Viki is just letting me get to discussions, so I’m posting this here!

Help please!!! I love Viki so much and really want to know what’s going on…

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The server is down, I suppose since many people experience the same thing - I posted on their FB page and saw many people posted the same thing.

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Yeah, I experienced the same things. And sometimes I can’t even watch my dramas with subtitles. Hope they can fix it ASAP. Thank you for posting it, auroratasya.


Oh, well at least I’m not the only one having this problem… Thanks aurora

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thank god I thought I was the only one who was having this problem !

I’m having the same problems ,especially with the timed comments :frowning:


Why cant we distinguishe the countries in our favorites? we use to be able to do that

i have THIS SAME problem also. happened yesterday and every once in a while when i want to watch some episodes of "can you hear my heart. i got all the problems your saying :confused:

Hi @johannacostag!

I’m sorry to hear about all the problems you’re experiencing. We have noted these issues and are currently working on resolving them. As for writing into the Help Center, you can do so here: bit.ly/VikiHelp

Please provide as much detail as possible when messaging the Help Center (even screenshots, etc.) so we know what the problem is and can fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks for being such a valued volunteer on Viki :smile:

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oh! thank you so much! :slight_smile: Today the timed comments and everything else have been working well, if this happens again (I hope not) I will go to Help Center :slight_smile:

just got this today while i was testing to watch queen in hyun’s man T.T

and then when i went to the viki home page, the page that said “no results” and only showed a few dramas. it comes and goes repeatedly, but i still cant watch the show and sometimes, i cant watch any shows at all. just have to go on another site :confused:

I’m sorry to hear about your problems trying to watch Queen In Hyun’s Man! I would suggest trying the steps outlined below first as it could be just a temporary issue:


Please let me know if it doesn’t work so I can help :smile: Thanks!

Yeah, I had the problems back again yesterday but I already went to Help Center, hope they will fix my problem asap :smiley:

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It happened to me yesterday. As soon as I finished subbing it logged me off and wouldn’t let me sign back on. Kept telling there was an error etc. I waited 1-2 hrs and retried logging in and it worked fine after that. I think it was a glitch or the server was down…

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its working now, but there are certain times at night where everything stops working all at once and you cant comment or anything, and it stops working. i will check this page out when that happens, thanks!

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