What's next in learning to subtitle . . .?

I’m not posting this expecting any extensive responses, but if anyone can offer useful information, I would appreciate it.

Having cleaned English pre-subs for the C-drama Be Together, I want to keep on going so that I can develop a level of “street cred” as someone who (I hope) can be trusted when it comes to making the English subs on Viki dramas more useful.

At this point, I know only English really well. I spoke Spanish as a child and am using Duolingo to bring that language out of hibernation, but my Spanish is about at the level of a five-year-old child.

As far as I can tell, there is no way to use the project finder page to discover upcoming projects that need to have pre-subs cleaned. So any suggestions would be appreciated.


Unfortunately, there’s no way to use the Project Finder for any Editor jobs. You’re in a kinda special situation because your trainer is on hiatus. What I’d suggest is

  1. Find a new trainer who’s willing to help you and correct your mistakes.
  2. If you think you’re familiar with the Subtitle Editor and comfortable with your job, just find an Upcoming/ newly On-Air show and ask the English Mod whether she/he needs a Pre-Sub or General Editor. As a GE, you have to correct/clarify the TE’s English. That means you have the extra duties of condensing long sentences and communicating with the TE whenever you feel the translation is unclear. You still have the Chief Editor to be accountable to, so your edits aren’t the final ones.

It might take some time to find a project. You have to keep asking! :smile:


Hi miss willow!

As you may know, @mirjam_465 and I have taken over Be Together from Worthyromance. She’s also the person who taught us how to edit.
I don’t know if Mirjam is up for it, but I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more attention when editing Be Together to how you’ve made your edits and to let you know if there’s anything you can improve on. :slight_smile:


Sure, I’d be happy to help @misswillowinlove :slight_smile:


I would appreciate all the help I can get. I finished Episode 32 and passed it on to @worthyromance for review just at the time the truck caught on fire down the road from her house. (I can’t even believe that’s a real sentence!)

My goal, as has been discussed elsewhere on the Discussion Board, is to contribute something in English so that people who don’t know Korean or Chinese or whatever can have an experience of dramas that is as rich as I have experienced with really good subs.

The past three years have made it very hard for the Viki community to share the wealth. I was just starting to watch Storm Eye (and was impressed as I could be with the story line and production values and editing and clear chemistry of the cast) when things got really weird in my area, and I ramped way down on Viki because life around me was so heart-wrenching and distracting.

In the past three months, life has truly started to open up where I am, and I have had time and energy to give to work that makes my heart happy.

I have been so impressed, so very impressed, with how the Viki community has kept the the love alive, and the dramas coming out since the beginning of this year (that I have seen) have been of a caliber that have knocked me over every time.

I committed to “cleaning” one episode per batch for Be Together, and @worthyromance basically agree to check my work, point out omissions and errors, and have me correct them before I tagged the next person in the process.

The process usually took about a week and a half.

I see on the list that’s currently available on the subtitle editor that there are no episodes available past number 35.

Are there more on the way?


Thanks Maknae Vivi for helping out the oldest maknae. :slight_smile:


There are “only” 35 episodes so there are not more on the way. But the rest of the editing is still in progress so we can still give you feedback about your work when we come across it.
We can also maybe keep you in mind for potential other projects.


I appreciate it. Any feedback would be appreciated. And @vivi_1485 gave me some pointers for seeking out teams that might be able to use my services (so to speak).


Always, anytime! :smile:

I love this. I’ve met so many wonderful people here who took me in when I was new and apprehensive and scared. Receiving so much makes me want to do the same for others! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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