What's that drama? SOLVED!


Hi Everyone!

I am losing my mind! There’s a Chinese Drama I watched this winter, and I miss it! I want to rewatch it, can’t remember the title or the actors. However I can describe it!

A pretty elementary school teacher has a run in with an arrogant businessman. She is a witness to his misdeeds and the businessman is sentenced to do community service (at her elementary school). His demeanor is the equivalent to sandpaper, at first. Overtime Miss Teacher wears him down and he develops affections for her due to her warm heart, kind nature, and indomitable spirit. Miss Teacher also develops affections for him. Underneath that sandpapery exterior he is just a clumsy, adorable guy, who has to put on a tough front.

It aired anywhere between 2006 and 2012

Can anyone help?
Thank you!


It doesn’t sound familiar to me, my favorite teacher/ceo drama is 1% of Something

You could try looking though one of these collections…
CEO Romcoms (76 shows) - MyDramaList
CEO falls for ordinary girl (30 shows) - MyDramaList

Good luck


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That’s exactly it!!! Thank you!!! I’ve been dying to watch this again but for the life of me I forgot the title.

Super Sleuth!!


Thank you for those sources. I’ll definitely look through them :slight_smile: